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  • Don’t worry about the cheat, just make a note not to do it again. I myself am winding down day 3, hoping to make it to the end of the month, but playing it day by day…
  • I’ll be starting mine on the 1st, so I’ll be a few days behind you…
  • It is harder for digestion & assimilation of the nutrients if your food is too hot or too cold.
  • Planning on starting one on March 1st…hoping to make it to the end of March, will keep ya posted…
  • MSM is Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, or an organic form of sulfur. Not only is it the third most important mineral in the body, it also helps detoxify and increase blood flow.
    in MSM? Comment by M@tt
  • Here’s some good info on MSM.. www.falconblanco.com/health/msm/faq.html
    in MSM? Comment by M@tt
  • I like eating my bee pollen in my smoothies. About 1 tbsp. blended in.
    in Bee Pollen Comment by M@tt
  • My eyes are blue. Last Sept. I did a 12 day oj fast, & my eyes got bluer. I believe that the SAD diet which clogs your organs is shown in they eyes. So the cleaner you get, the clearer your eyes will be, whatever color they are.
    in Eyes changing color Comment by M@tt
  • I own a vitamix 5000. Out of all the blenders I’ve owned,(oster, waring, etc.) I use the vitamix the most,every day & sometimes more! Worth every penny!!!
  • Currently in San Diego, CA..but originally from St. Joseph, Michigan. Lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan & St. Petersburg, Florida before moving here 23 years ago!