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  • I find that ginger tea is great for warmth. I like mine strong, but ginger will improve your circulation, hence the feeling of warmth. You can buy ginger tea at Whole Foods, or if you really like ginger, you can juice the root and use the pulp to ma…
  • I usually take a tbsp. in my morning smoothies. Turns it a cool green color!
    in Spirulina Powder Comment by M@tt
  • The great benefits of eating lots of watermelon is that it helps to flush the kidneys!
  • Look at it from this point of view…The US dumped a huge sum of money & developed the atomic bomb in about 5 years or less. We did the same thing & landed on the moon in about 11 years (from sputnik). However, those had a goal of saving our a…
  • For raw Carob, try alissacohen.com Alissa Cohen sells really raw, very good carob at a great price! You’ll have to click on food, then her store to find it. She sells 2 lbs for $10.00!
    in CAROB Comment by M@tt
  • I am just finishing a 20 day Master Cleanse. Only 3 days of detox (mostly headaches), but pretty calm after that. This is my 3rd MC, and the longest one so far. The first one was 15 days, the second only 5 days long. This is the first one I’ve done …
    in 10 day master cleanse Comment by M@tt
  • Cure Zone forums are for different things such as Iodine supplementation, juice or water fasts, mastercleanses, etc. The forum topics are there for people to ask and recieve answers from members and forum directors. Quite enlightening if you read en…
  • Go to www.curezone.com and click on oil pulling forum at the left of the page for an ongoing discussion. Then at the top of the oil pulling forum, click on faq.
  • I would think that the more citric acid in the fruit (lemons & limes) would do the trick, whereas oranges & grapefruit have more sugar than citric acid and would not do the job as well.
    in Limes for Cleaning? Comment by M@tt
  • You might want to go to vitamix.com to get a refurbished unit. They come with a guarentee and warranty.
    in vita mix Comment by M@tt
  • They are both great fasts, but the MC is geared more towards internal cleansing in that it dissolves mucous in the digestive tract, and the salt water flushes cleans the toxins out of your system. The juice fast allows you to fast on a level not as …
  • Hey kminty3, I like to go about 6-8 weeks between long fasts, but here’s what I do in between. I try to go 1 day a week (usually a friday) and fast, then once a month do a 3 day (fri-sun). This seems to keep the weight off for me, and I’ve got a bit…
  • I will be starting an mc on the 29th, but to prep for it I will be doing a 3 day juice fast on the 26th. I find that this helps me extend my fasts (I am planning on a 20 day fast this time around). I did this on my last fast and took it to 15 days, …
  • The problem with chemicals & heavy metals is that it usually takes quite a few cleanses to get cleaned out. For the heavy metals, you can use cilantro to loosen them up & chlorella to carry them out of your system. I’ve been detoxing for mor…
    in Getting Rid of Toxins Comment by M@tt
  • You might also prepare yourself for a cleanse by drinking green smoothies a few days to a week before your cleanse. I do this to adjust my stomach. I find that I can do a 10 to 15 day cleanse without much problems.
  • I get mine from www.mountainroseherbs.com it comes loose. I usually use herb teas as a base for my green smoothies instead of plain water. This way I can get the benefits from lots of vitamins working together!
  • And so the poisoning of the masses begins…
  • Unfortunatly, some people will only listen to their doctors and march straight to the grave. My younger brother is the same way. He has pancreatic cancer and non Hodgkins lymphoma. I’ve given him plenty of info on natural cures, Gerson etc. & he…
    in A very sad story Comment by M@tt
  • There are plenty of smoothie recipes here that incorporate dark leafy greens (spinach, etc). These greens are high in calcium, and the smoothies taste great too!
  • Hey Worley…when you were taking 25,000 mgs a day, how much vit c were you taking??? Also, a good source for pure MSM made in the US, not china is http://www.kornax.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Sc… then click on MSM products & looks for Rich’s bran…
    in MSM questions Comment by M@tt
  • simply remove the http://www. so that it simply reads eatsprouts.com. This will disable the link so that no one accidentally clicks on it!
  • To learn about sprouting, go to www.sproutman.com or to www.sproutpeople.com Also, an easy way to sprout is with mason or canning jars and a screened lid, which you can easily make yourself. What you do is take the canning jar lid, remove the in…
  • I completed my green smoothie fast the last week of Febuary. This geared me up for the Master Cleanse I’m on now…highly recommend doing this before the MC, it has helped with food cravings by shrinking my stomach. Also, lost 9 lbs in that same week!…
  • I’m planting some tomatoes, squash, eggplant and basil today…I’ll keep ya posted!!!
    in 'Grow your own' Forum Comment by M@tt
  • 44 & counting (backwards!)
    in How old are you? Comment by M@tt
  • Hi! I’m on day six of my MC, and yes, with no food intake, the SWF comes out liquid at the other end. It is supposed to flush the matter out that the lemon juice & cayenne pepper liquify. Of course, you might occassionally expell some solids, or…
  • Here’s another good website: http://www.rawfoodinfo.com/directories/rawrests…
  • Hey Superkat…this might help http://www.rawfoodplanet.com/rawcity/California…
  • It’s funny, but when I’m drinking my green smoothie (swamp juice) for lunch, and my workers make snyde remarks about it, I just shrug & tell them it’s a hundred times more healthy than the pizza or fried chicken they’re eating, & the smoothi…
  • I get asked everyday…I tell them it’s either swamp juice, or Kermit the Frog in a blender!!!