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  • Wonderful :) I hope this works for you. Along with the other things you will try. Please keep us up to date. I know I'll be very curious to hear how things progressed for you and to know what seemed to help the most and such. I'm constantly keeping …
  • I got about half way through this page with reading, so forgive me if this question has already been answered. But, do any of you have a green smoothie daily? I too had incredibly bad digestive problems. Although my aim is to be 100% raw indefinitel…
  • i couldn’t agree more with proper food combining. that’s SO vital. i know a lot of the recipes here don’t follow that, but once in awhile slip up is ok. eating all the time with bad food combining can be very bad on the digestion though. you’re so r…
  • weight training definitely helps, i think, but for me, like some people say here, overall weight should be lost to lose weight in a specific area. for me, that always means cutting back on fruit for awhile and eating more greens, and also trying not…