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  • nixie, it took me a few months to be able to eat such large quantities of fruit. i could eat maybe 3 bananas at a time and now eating 10 is just perfect and filling. here's what i ate yesterday: pre-workout: smoothie of 2 bananas and 6 dates post-wo…
  • i brought my own fruit salad to a restaurant before and the manager came over and told me i'd have to put it away or leave. some places don't tolerate you bringing your own food. it's so annoying! i rarely dine out though because i'm not gonna pay 8…
  • i would still give your body some nutrients even if you aren't hungry. most people need at least 1200 calories a day just for their body to function and i think it's crucial to get this amount. here's a breakdown of where the calories go: heart = 14…
    in no appetite Comment by joannabanana
  • eat more calorie dense foods like bananas and dates (i ate about 16 bananas yesterday!). they fill you up, too. even make your smoothies with caloric liquids like orange juice, coconut water, or coconut juice.
  • i just read an article yesterday in vegetarian times that said meat eaters have more B 12 deficiencies than vegetarians do. it was backed up by a few studies so i figured i'd mention it.
  • i just read all your posts!! you look like you're having such a fun and delicious time. all that food looks to die for (especially the double fudge bite- dear god). i've never been to a juice bar, but i'd probably go crazy at the one you went to.
  • i think you'll be fine with nutritional balance if you eat a good variety. i count tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, and carrots as my "veggies" for the day even if they are fruits. i don't think the label really matters.
  • i don't run for very long times (1 hr-1 hr 30 min) but i can't run on an empty stomach. i get too dizzy. my go-to meal is a smoothie of 2 bananas. i drink 1/3 of it before my run, 1/3 of it during, and 1/3 of it at the end. granted, i throw in stren…
  • cucumber is harder to make noodles from because there are so many seeds. i've tried and i can usually just peel the outer few layers.
  • my hair loves shampoo haha tried no poo and probably won't do it again
  • i also had this problem with tahini, maple syrup, agave, honey, and cocoa/carob powder. you just have to stop buying them because if they aren't around, you won't be able to get your hands on them.
  • i usually bring a few pounds of dates. they are very calorie-dense and not to mention delicious! i also bring apples and bananas because they don't need to be refrigerated and are easy to eat on-the-go.
  • good to see you back, naomi!! the site is much easier to use now and it lets me upload pictures now (before i couldn't).
  • drink your tea!!! most of us here do drink teas. i like herbal teas like peppermint and chamomile.
    in Green Tea Comment by joannabanana
  • i'm so glad you tried it! i like smearing it on apple slices or a banana. i'm thinking you could roll a banana in the jam, put some shredded coconut on it, and freeze it, too. that would be divine.
    in Blackberries! Comment by joannabanana
  • this isn't about preserving them, but whatever you do, you MUST make blackberry jam. just 1.5 cups berries and 1 cup medjool dates blended together in a food processor. it is pure, sweet heaven!!
    in Blackberries! Comment by joannabanana
  • they aren't raw,but they do taste good!
  • ahah audrey, this post was written for you.
  • i don't have vibrams yet so i stick to dirt, concrete, and grass. i'd definitely like to do woods though. it didn't take my feet too long to adapt to the ground (maybe 3 runs?)
    in Running & 811 Comment by joannabanana
  • i am but i didn't notice a difference in my running until i went barefoot. i was a terrible runner even with doing 80 10 10 . i just needed to ditch my shoes!! now it's like my favorite thing to do. i don't time it or know how many miles i go since …
    in Running & 811 Comment by joannabanana
  • have you tried leaving oil in your hair and then washing it out the same morning/night?? i've done this with coconut oil and jojoba oil. i just smear it all over my hair, wrap it in a towel and wait about 30 minutes and then wash it out. i tried the…
    in dry Comment by joannabanana
  • yeah, you need a spirooli. you could just use a vegetable peeler though to make long strands.
  • "making peace with food" totally changed my life when i was suffering from my eating problems. there are activities in it that are fun and eye-opening and really make you think about why you are doing this to yourself.
  • still haven't gotten a chance to try the stuff!! i've heard durian smells pretty nasty and that the smell alone deters some people from eating it.
  • i usually just throw stuff in my backpack. it's always bananas, grapes, and apples because i don't care if they are cold or not. they are also very filling and i'm like you, too (weight lift a lot and i'm constantly on the move).
  • your morning diet seems fine. what do you eat for lunch and dinner ? are you exercising or doing physical activity? i noticed that since i started walking everywhere (to work, to the park) that i've lost some fat.
  • i wouldn't exercise while juice fasting because you aren't getting enough calories from juice alone. my feelings on juice fasting are that you are resting your digestive system so you should be resting your other systems as well.
  • i had no clue you could eat the skin. i purposely don't buy kiwis because i HATE peeling them.
    in Unpeeled Kiwi Comment by joannabanana
  • i tried this and it didn't work for me!! i had my dates dehydrate for about two days at 105 and they were still too sticky. mine were medjools though and they are really moist.
    in Date Sugar Comment by joannabanana
  • I went raw for health reasons (bad digestive problems), but i found my love of animals through that. to be honest, i couldn't stand animals before i found raw because i was allergic to anything with fur.