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  • 80/10/10 and Candida

    erin, i mostly follow 80/10/10 but i still eat some cooked veggies at dinner. i used to have terrible thrush outbreaks before i started lowering my fat intake and eating more fruit. i haven't had thrush since i started. i followed the diet pretty strictly for about 4 months, but personally, i have more energy when i still include fat in my diet everyday.

    about caloric needs- for the first week i used fitday.com just to see if i was eating enough and to see what my ratio of carbs, lipids, and fat were. after that, i became good at estimating how much of my diet is from fat and vice versa.

    besides the diet, i also get a lot of sleep- usually 8-10 hours a night and i like being outside as much as possible.

  • Raw Soy Milk?

    raw soybeans are a worse problem than cooked ones, kt! people usually don't eat them unless they have fermented because they contain a lot of toxins. i'm not sure how good fermented soy milk would taste though. eeekkk.

    here's an article on the negative effects of soy:


  • Aging and Face Routine Help!

    valeria, after i wash my face at night, i blot tea tree oil on my face with a cotton ball, and then put a coin-sized amount of jojoba oil on my hand and rub that into my face. the combination works really well and i rarely get dry skin.

  • What does everyone do for a living?

    daniefon, art was one of my favorite classes in high school. ceramics is my specialty. i've made so many food looking pots and such.

    right now, i am a full time student so i don't work. during breaks, i work at Sears as a cashier but i don't plan on going back. i HATE that place- don't shop there!! haha they always stick me in the mens department or hardware. like i know anything about hardware...