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  • I always felt that I can run longer outside than on the treadmill but i guess thats just me. I don’t enjoy running in general though.
  • On the spectrum website its says their cold pressed is at 120F so I guess that ones ok. I guess Ill just have to check before I buy though!
  • what cold pressed oil are heated that high? I read that they were heated to 120F or does it vary depending on the company?
  • i don’t think they are the same. heres a link for raw cocoa butter http://www.rawguru.com/store/raw-food/truly-raw…
    in Cocoa? Comment by smoothielove
  • yes I would say go to the doctor too. I would be freaking out if I lost my eye sight! So of what you wrote did remind of when I would have aura with a migriane, but the aura was never so bad to lose sight completely, some areas would just become fuz…
  • I was trying to find a picture of it or something to see if ive ever seen before…anyway is this it http://astronutrition.com/images/raw_greens.png Im thinking maybe not but if it is someone reviewed it on that website giving it 5 stars.
    in "raw greens" Comment by smoothielove
  • I love tea! I know its not raw but I enjoy it and I feel like its not bad for you, so why not! I currently have green, pau d’arco, spearmint, dandelion root, and chamomile tea in my pantry.
  • whole foods sells the brand frontier which makes alcohol free vanilla flavoring and same for the mint too. heres their website http://www.frontiercoop.com/dspCatPct.php?ct=ss…
  • i love avocado in my salad or to make guacamole. I love it in any savory dish really, im not a fan or it in sweet recipes though
    in The AVOCADO Comment by smoothielove
  • What about pistachios??
    in Raw nuts Comment by smoothielove
  • Yeah, greenie I rested today well except when i went to the health center. And I worked some on a review packet for a test on thrusday. Tomorrow I have to go to my classes though but after that I will come home and rest. And im going to bed as soon …
  • thanks so much for the link! I only skimmed it right now and bookmarked it for later. Ive mainly been making juices but tomorrow ill try to stick to just water….would an herbal tea be ok too or just warm water with lemon?
  • so i went to the school health center – the doctor told it doesn’t look like i have strep (he didn’t do any test for it) but just in case he gave me some antibiotics (amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium) and told me to take claritin D. He didn’t r…
  • thanks for the info on the antibiotics, from what ive heard my school loves to prescribe z-pak for everything and im pretty sure its one of those short coarse antibiotics. Anyway I guess I will try to set up an appointment.
  • oh i probably should go to the doctor, I dread going to the doctor here mainly because I don’t have one here at school and I just have to go to the school health center. I actually am thinking I might have post-nasal drip in which case ill probably …
  • Ive never tried yoga before but Ive been looking to get into for months. I just checked out some yoga studies back home (via the internet) and they have some that offer the bikram hot yoga! Im so excited to go home and try it! Im naturally flexible …
  • yeah I think it just means your hydrated, but I guess thats not a good thing for a drug test. But generally its not a good thing to have yellow/concentrated urine.
    in pee Comment by smoothielove
  • thanks for that info queenfluff Ive been wondering that myself! Anyway I take MSM, B Max Stress (for B12), and i just bought some aloe.
  • i dont know how credible this website/webpage is but it seems to have so good info http://www.mullumherbals.com.au/avian_bird_flu….
    in Anti-viral.. Comment by smoothielove
  • I normally always have some white spots on my nails too, but right now I just checked and I don’t have any weird! But I do have lots of vertical ridges especially on my thumb nails which Ive been told could be a sign of an iron deficiency…Does anyon…
  • I third the tahini! I love it mixed with lemon juice, ACV, garlic, lots of cumin (because I love cumin) and some sea salt and pepper. Then add water to desired thickness. It basically the recipe on here for Lemon Tahini dressing. I just make it thic…
    in Dips? Comment by smoothielove
  • whoa they also make apricot kernal butter…has anyone tried that?
  • Thanks so much for the info! I think I might try a combo of hulled and unhulled!
    in making tahini Comment by smoothielove
  • Yes I get those every once and awhile but I haven’t had one since going raw. I never understood what would cause them because they seemed to happen randomly. I started getting them in 9th grade but when I first got them I would only experience the a…
  • I’m raw in college! I don’t have to have meal plan though which is nice. I just have a cheap blender no other special tools. I eat a lot of smoothies and salads. Or ill make wraps with collard greens. I grow sprouts sometimes, which my roommates fin…
  • Ive had sprouted quinoa ive never had steamed quinoa from a raw restaurant but i guess it might be raw since they serve it there i just didnt think that steaming was still raw
  • Im probably wrong but I was thinking steam was over 118 since water boils at like 212 or something like that
  • ooo lyn-doe how do you make your wonderful coconut ice cream? Ice cream that flattens the stomach?! Now way! Im very interested!
  • But when you are straining out the pulp do all the calories really go into the mylk? Maybe ill just halve the calories based on the amount of nuts/seeds I use.
  • I don’t know I probably don’t get enough fat but I would think I get enough calories, although I do try to limit calories as I feel I gain weight very easily. Its so hard for me to lose weight, and im still looking to lose about 10lbs.