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  • Fee i would be honoured if you did, if simple words can make a difference then please feel free to do so. how old are the children you teach? welcome btw :) 1sweetpea, you are so right, love and respect for one another are the only things that can s…
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by dodo
  • MMM unlike religions this club is free to become a member, all you need is love. Stene, you and your friend are so very welcome, the more the merrier. we are not a religion tho, if we were then we would become yet another organised religion which is…
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by dodo
  • hi ikn and dreaminraw, im loving this, so many like minded people in the world, i always knew you were all out there, but it never occured to me to do this before :) we shall have to work towards building a community together where we can all just b…
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by dodo
  • BoyanaGaye i was gluten intolerant for 6 years myself, i try to gear most of my recipes towards gluten free for just that reason, hope you try some of them. ps ive sent you a friends request on myspace :)
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by dodo
  • BoyanaGaye, you are so welcome, and as a wise man said “takes one to know one”, you must be a creator to recognise one :)
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by dodo
  • ah but i could be crazy too blueyz, whos to say whos the sane ones and whos the crazies :P welcome blueyz, come on in :P
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by dodo
  • welcome one and all, i hope everyone is having a lovely day on this the first day of the dinosaur dance, ill not forget the date either cos its our handfasting anniversary today :) raise a glass to peace and unity clink
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by dodo
  • thats a very good point carmentina, i hadnt thought of the viable embryos that are frozen. so maybe properly sealed there is no deterioration at all, smart thinking .
  • sossoco i think most of the freezing on here is done as a quick cooling / hardening method. or for smoothies for the following day etc. i dont think the short length of time would make any difference to the nutritional value altho freezing high wate…
  • ive had no probs sweetie, the only time ive had probs is when i tried to upload a recipe without a picture, i know you have to have a picture or it wont upload, but i have no idea why its not uploading for you, technology can be frustrating cant it,…
    in Posting Recipes Comment by dodo
  • sounds like youre having a pants day caleb, i hope it gets better and better until you go to bed smiling tonight :)
  • thank you tjb, im glad youre here too. im not bitter about religion, and i dont dislike or hate it or any member of any religion, i just aknowledge that religion has been a spring board for greed, murder, war, etc throughout the thousands of years, …
  • sweet dreams beany :)
  • beany i never meant to imply that any christian is anything other than loving and with the best intentions at heart. the dino dance is just a group of people who dont have any religious beliefs specifically, and even those who do are welcome, as lon…
  • hey beany beegan long time no see :P the point was that altho many people via their faiths can give love, as you say “love through god”, we need to be free to give that love willingly without a religion telling us we have to. love given out of duty …
  • Caleb, of course its not taken the wrong way, i was raised around christians, my sister is a christian as is her family, they see me as a threat as my life style isnt in keeping with their faith so they dont see me, speak to me, and i have never bee…
  • apologies rawfreak4fr, i evidently wasnt clear enough in my meaning, when i said about dinosaurs not being mentioned in the bible i wasnt refering to the literal word dinosaurs, more to the lack of “help a huge creature is chasing me and i think he …
  • caleb if a religion is being told to believe you are an equal and walk your own path then thats what this is, altho i dont believe thats the definition of religion. dinosaur dance is a group of people who want to walk this world in love, as mamamilk…
  • for anyone wishing to join the dinosaur club i have started a new thread to that effect http://www.goneraw.com/forums/other-stuff/topic… welcome welcome one and all
  • The dinosaur dance :) It sounds like we should start a club, people who have no belief in organised religion, know the bible is not the word of “god”, accept that altho we do not know anyting in connection with the possible existance of an afterlife…
  • Mon46, thanks for the heads up, but at least the plight of the iranian gay men being hung, and the raped women being stoned, this applied to adultry too,or claimed adultery, has been brought to the attention of many more people via some of the conve…
  • belikeyeshua if you are refering to me i am not an athiest i am agnostic as well you know. and if anything i consider myself a pagan naturist.
  • owie nasty. my daughter was hit by a firework, it went up her skirt at a public event and she literally caught it in between her thighs, she was in a wheelchair for a month, i used aloe vera gel on her skin 4 times a day without fail, and she has be…
  • tunacupcakes, good name, youre not crazy, if you are so am i and so is my daughter. my daughter practices white witchcraft and communicates regularly with guardian angels. I consider myself pagan and my worships go towards the earth, the sun, the un…
  • blue eyes, you could just use frozen fruit or refridgerate your fruits the night before, maybe even the water too :)
  • if you make one using room temperature fruit and slightly warm water it should be better, i very rarely use ice or frozen fruit. cacao nibs added might make it feel warmer to the taste too
  • me too
  • hi what IS 80 10 10? i have no idea :P Limelady, i just wanted to mention you seem to be at least a stone, maybe more, underweight for your height so its very good that you dont want to lose more, dont want you fading away on us (hugs)
  • how about a condom, and a contraceptive cap with a heafty dose of spermacide? any sperm gets past that lot deserves to live! I had a IUD when i was younger, i hated it, i had cramps and the end wire sticks out of the cervix everso slightly (or it di…
    in Painkillers? Comment by dodo
  • hmm i might experiement to this end. we have a noodle roller and cutter that someone gave us as a thank you for some work my husband did that weve not used. i have rye, wheat, oat, buckwheat, spelt (dinkle) and flax in the kitchen. the only thing i …