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  • ras-saadon, im totally bummed out that i cant use the maca anymore as its so effective if you know what i mean ;) . did your mom find a substitute at all? i had to have a total hysterectomy at 29 so i underwent a very early menopause years ago, just…
    in Maca, friend or foe? Comment by dodo
  • Sophia... "Fermented foods always give me a buzz between my legs"................. i gotta get me some of that fermented stuff then :P
    in Maca, friend or foe? Comment by dodo
  • eat2evole, wonderful help, many thanks, i shall have a look for the vitex, dong quai and eleuthero, many thanks
    in Maca, friend or foe? Comment by dodo
  • carnap, i shall definatly be trying red clover sprouts then :P had to chuckle at "I ate too many black radish sprouts today and now my urine stings me a little..." hehe, does that make me mean? :P
    in Maca, friend or foe? Comment by dodo
  • i eat goji berries and raw cacao maybe 4 times a week each and that helps some with the libido and energy, just doesnt sort the hormones out. fortunatly i love both of them so happy to keep scoffing them :) thanks jenny
    in Maca, friend or foe? Comment by dodo
  • le sigh, its strange how the body rejects something even when its good for you isnt it, i was enjoying the rebalancing effect of my hormones as i had an early menopause due to hysterectomy, but i dont want to feel like i have morning sickness everyt…
    in Maca, friend or foe? Comment by dodo
  • thank you for the input suasoria, happy new year too :)
  • I adore mine, it was 20euros from a cooking store, just a run of the mill one, nowt special, but two carrots or zuccini will offer you a huge pile of lengths long enough to twirl on your fork like spaghetti. the julienne peeler looks good and handy …
    in Spiralizer??? Comment by dodo
  • yay me too fee, making them for all our relatives here for consumer season, we brits know how to spread the love without paying the man dont we girl xxx also i use the insides of old chocolate boxes etc for moulds, i have one that is in perfect bar …
  • where the groats brown or with a green tinge, brown arent raw, green tinge are, they only need a quick soak, like half hour, otherwise they go mushy, rinse them a couple of times a day to stop them going "cheesy". you could still make buckwheaties f…
  • the hairs not pink anymore, i decided all that bleach wasnt how i wanted to spend the rest of my life (im very dark reddy brown naturally), so im back to the natural colour (minus the gray) ;). quite disappointed the new pictures are only allowed to…
  • i was vegan 4 years before i gave up smoking ;)
    in He's NOT a vegan Comment by dodo
  • oh i see what you mean, it doesnt say vegan on the front page any more :( I hooe thats an oversight, nothing would turn me off more than having to read about chicken, meat, fish etc dying, one good way to remove my appetite.
    in Still a vegan site? Comment by dodo
  • 1 Avocado, 2 potatos (you said be honest, always been my fav food and havent been able to quit them yet, not raw obviously tho), 3 bananas, avocoados, a smoothie fruit, broccoli, miso :)
  • ive been here for 3 years now, göttingen is a university city too but its still mostly german, quite a lot of turkish, but not much else, theres a few foreign students but its not often i hear another person speaking english, gets pretty lonely some…
  • hi zoe, another stranger in a strange land, germany rocks tho doesnt it :). I’m in Göttingen in niedersachsen. I’m still having a couple of cups of tea a day, and have one cooked thing a day on average, but everything else is raw or tea :) We dont t…
  • thank you zoe :P she looks pretty cool :)
  • hah my mate was living in london on a boat too, hes just shifted it to outside reading, he was somewhere on the thames before hehehe, what a coincidence :)
    in Hello from the UK!! Comment by dodo
  • hehe thanks zoe but i think if i had moved my 6ft 8 german husband to the council estate i had to live on in Oldham life would have been made unbearable for us, especially with me being a southern pansy and all. i couldnt even walk my dog as i had t…
    in Hello from the UK!! Comment by dodo
  • hey there, im from the uk too originally, i was born in portslade, moved to bognor regis when i was 8, and moved to manchester for a year a few years back to photograph the dark penine way, then moved here to germany 3 years ago to marry my lovely g…
    in Hello from the UK!! Comment by dodo
  • 1sweetpea, aversion therapy indeed, i agree with you there, i had a cup of coffee yesterday for the first time in nearly 3 months, had a headache and felt sick for the rest of the day and come the eveing i had diahrrea all evening. thats the last co…
  • hi meloe, walnuts can kill off intestinal parasites in the human body, maybe this is what you heard and got confused?.
    in Parasidic Walnuts Comment by dodo
  • Bubbaw6, thanks for the link, i know where im doing all my xmas shopping this year now hehehe
  • springleaf, i used to have one of them, i had totally forgotten about it, i cant even remember what happened to it, in the evening it played the sound of rain and the light faded like a setting sun, and in the morning th “sun” rose and i awoke to it…
  • i used to have an enormous clanging bell alarm clock that i kept on top of the wardrobe at the other end of the room that practically gave me a heart attack each morning, believe me you got out of bed, and very very quickly too ;)
  • ungrateful, what you have to do is care, thats all. the main aim is to do some good, from the simplest thing to the hugest, if the most an individual person can manage is a smile, a warm word, etc then that is already a beautiful gift to the world. …
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by dodo
  • hehe thats so cool meditating, id love to go for a stroll in those lovely big footsteps and imagion what it was like, thank you for the link, it made my day sue welcome welcome, you feel free to add anything at anypoint that is on your mind, there c…
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by dodo
  • Thank you aj, you are very welcome. I read your blog, you make some brilliant observations and have a wonderful attitude, to see such love in someone still so young is really encouraging, it shows there really is a hope for this world and the younge…
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by dodo
  • I can see where youre coming from 1sweetpea, and kudos to you and your fella for all the thought put into it, but the idea is to keep this thing way way removed from religion, and rituals, and rules, the only rules are that we respect each other by …
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by dodo
  • why fee, they dance to soul music of course :)
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by dodo