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  • Laine – was there a particular brand that you are using? I am so glad I stumbled on this topic as I have been wondering why I am always exhausted and I receive a good 8-9 hours of sleep a night. Do you actually call your doctor for a B12 test or is …
  • Thank you! Story one – funny…story two – I almost fell off my chair! A great idea for a television show/movie/etc.
  • I would love all suggestions. The more I have the more I have to choose from and can plan ahead of time.
  • Thank you for the ideas. San Diego has to be my most favorite destination thus far in life. I am ready to enjoy the sun and warmth to take away the Wisonsin winter blues.
  • Bluedolfin – thank you so much for pointing out the search area. As dumb as I feel writing this, I never realized it was there! Again – duh to me – but THANKS to you.
    in Newbie Page Comment by namadetaberu
  • coconutty- you nailed it on the head for me…no control. I have a hard time not controlling situations. I instantly go into panic and anxiety – I have learned to do this quietly w/o going to a hosptial for the past 7 years. I like to know what is hap…
  • Thank you both very much for your replies. Jenny – you hit it right on the head to try it before I fly out. That was my hopes in starting this topic over a week to go. I would like to try some ideas to find out what works best with my body. Newbie –…
  • My first response is to go slow. Don’t expect too much from yourself. I have two children, a career, lots of extra activities, home, dog, the list goes on and on…. I first began in about October and signed up here in November. My suggestion is to u…
  • You might try measuring yourself instead of weighing yourself. If you are looking to “fit in” to a standard height/weight and you want to look toned and healthy – it might not work. Many people who are extremely healthy are too “heavy” for their hei…
  • Wow thank you germin8! That looks fantastic!
  • I am bringing (hopefully) something the same as what you are looking for. I too have meat and potatoe family members that I would love to please. If I find something I will reply right away! Thanks for the thread, I am excited to see some responses…
  • I had one meal of cooked food after many weeks with only raw. The next morning it felt as if I was up all night partying like I was in my 20’s again! Just felt as though I needed to stay in bed and get over the “hang over”. Fresh orange juice helpe…
  • I am glad I stumbled on this subject. In short, here is a catch up… Healthy eater for about 6 years – not raw, not vegetarian 75% raw for 2 months Master Cleanse 6 days 100% raw after – since Sunday The day I went off the MC I noticed that I have…
    in Detox ? Comment by namadetaberu
  • If you are worried about bringing too much fiber in your diet you could easily calculate the amount of fiber you consume each day – just as those who worry they are not receiving enough fiber. As far as how long the food is in the small intestines,…
  • I think tonight will be my last day/night on the MC - it will be day 7 when I stop. My tongue isn’t covered anymore and I am going to take the idea that this really does end the cleansing period. I deeply considered continuing until day 10, but as i…
  • I need some advice. I am on day 6 and still no solid waste. Am I doing something wrong or should I be concerned? This is my first cleanse so I
  • Last night I was gifted with the intestinal cramps that I read about. My mind went straight into
  • Thank you. I can know that this too will pass. I have to say that into day 3 and that is the only bad symptom from the cleanse. That and the hard core desire to eat greasy food and I don’t even eat that. Weird! Good luck with the car!
  • Thank you Orchid. I am wondering, the first few days of the cleanse, did you have very acidic feeling liquid? I am sorry that is so straight-forward, but I am concerned. I have not heard anyone discuss this. If so, how long does this last before th…
  • Hi! Just wanted to sign in and say I started the MC yesterday. Thank you for all the wonderful information so far. It is my first cleanse and it has been an interesting experience. :-) Nothing too difficult and I haven’t had many side effects, so …
  • Madison, Wisconsin