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  • Thanks. I know of many European countries that sell the Vita Mix, its just that its so expensive. In US you can get it for 549 $, (and less) in Europe the price is 110 $. But it is probably better to buy the right one- it feels like it is a lifetime…
  • Thanks to you all. Now I know a little bit more and will use more different greens.
  • Thank you for answering. I will send her an e-mail. But I guess she is pretty busy. I know they eat a lot of edible weeds, but in my cold climate it’s not so easy to find now. I know some greens that is good: kale, broccoli, spinach, Roman lettuce, …
  • Thanks. So the third container differs in size? Is it two wet blade containers and a dry blade container?
  • Great info on the two high speed blenders. I have decided to buy a vita-mix 5200. On the web page it looks like you can have three different containers; wet blade container, dry blade container ... Is it smart to buy them all? Thanks!
  • I am from Oslo, Norway - live in Ed, Sweden