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  • Hi Sky Princess. I visited your blog today. Thanks for visiting mine, www.rawdorable.blogspot.com. I left you a comment. They (the comments) really motivate one to keep blogging.
    in Raw Blogs Comment by shannonmarie
  • I personally love this recipe: http://www.americanyogini.com/offerings_cooking… The author is a member of this site.
    in Sesame Milk Comment by shannonmarie
  • I had it at the Green Festival last month. I enjoyed the flavor, but I am not sure if all hemp butters are raw. I know that some say “raw” on the label.
    in hemp butter Comment by shannonmarie
  • Everything looks okay right now, but last night, the Durian Nirvana Cheesecake filled up almost the entire page. It definitely got my attention :-)
  • That’s a great start SugarSnap. I think you’ve definitely got the hang of it. I love the name. Keep rawkin and I’ll keep reading :-)
  • There are a lot of people on this site who have blogs, and I enjoy visiting everyone of them. They have inspired me to start my own blog, http://www.rawdorable.blogspot.com/. I now find myself posting almost daily. I encourage anyone who doesn’t hav…
  • germin8, I know you have been trying to keep this post going in hopes of getting a response from Kristen. Maybe you should try contacting her via her website or by joining the forum on www.gliving.tv. She has posted a diary of her experience at Livi…
  • Oh yeah, I did use brown flaxseed for the burgers, but they still got darker in the dehydrator.
  • I’ve made a ton of recipes from her book. I love their simplicity. I especially like the breakfast recipes, “rice” dishes and the “save the tuna pate.” Germin8, did you dehydrate the patties? Mine were pale at first, but they darkened up a bit in th…
  • I don’t live in Virginia, but I am in Maryland. I would be willing to make the trek to Richmond for a raw restaurant experience. Let us know what it’s like. Thanks :-)
  • RawVee, I guess it really is a small world after all. I graduated in 1994 and so did my husband. I also have a sister who graduated in 1997, and another sister who is a 2004 Northern grad. I signed up for the event mailing list on June 10, but I hav…
  • I grew up in Owings and went to Northern High School. I now live in North Beach, and my parents and sisters live in Dunkirk.
  • RawVee, you grew up in Calvert County? That’s where I live now. I basically grew up here, too. I went away to college, then lived in the Salisbury and Northern Virginia area once I graduated, but I somehow found my way back. I guess it is because my…
  • RawVee, thanks for the info. I clicked on the link but didn’t see a list of events on the site. However, I did join the mailing list. I live in Southern Maryland, so nothing like that ever happens around here. Therefore, I am willing to travel to Mo…
  • Wow, I had no idea that events like this were held in this area. I’d love to go, but unfortunately, I think I am already locked into some plans. It is my husband’s birthday weekend, and he doesn’t eat raw. Do you know if there will be any similar ev…
  • Alissa Cohen’s recipe is posted on the GreenChefs website. Here is a link: http://gliving.tv/greenchefs/alissa-cohen/BBQ-C…
  • Fresh figs are only in season for a short time each year. I think it is only about 6 weeks. They are my all time favorite fruit, so my mother bought me a fig tree for my birthday last year. It is due to bare fruit this year. I guess then I’ll see fi…
  • Oh course, you have to bring your cookies. Also, bring along some trail mix and fresh fruit and veggies. You can even make some protein bars out of nut butter, ground flaxseeds, agave and dried fruit.
  • I love dried fruit, but I try to use it sparingly. I use it for sweetness and/or texture, like when I add dates or raisins to a recipe. I also like to add goji berries to trail mix on the go, and I eat dried figs a lot because their season is so sho…
    in Dried fruit Comment by shannonmarie
  • I have to try that out. I used to be such a pita addict. Thanks for the recipe. I love how simple all your recipes are. I usually have the time and ingredients to make them as soon as I see them posted.
    in Flat Bread Comment by shannonmarie
  • I love that pizza idea. Usually, I make the flatbread crust in the Raw Food Real World book, but this looks a lot easier for on my lazier days. Thanks for the tip. Here’s a link to the eggplant bacon recipe: http://www.rawfoodtalk.com/forum/showthre…
    in need ideas... Comment by shannonmarie
  • You can make raw “bacon.” I can’t remember the recipe off the top of my head, but it involves cutting the eggplant into thin strips, marinating it in a mixture of Bragg’s, sweetener (agave, honey or maple syrup) and cayenne pepper for heat, and dehy…
    in need ideas... Comment by shannonmarie
  • Here is a link to the lemon chewie recipe: http://www.therawtable.com/recipecoll/lemonch.htm
  • Agave nectar is an excellent alternative to honey. I use it all the time. Just keep in mind when you are duplicating a recipe that agave is thinner. Kandace, have fun experimenting. When I make cookies, I just throw some ingredients in a bowl and ad…
  • His book is very overwhelming. I bought it years ago, before I had ever started eating raw. I really just enjoyed looking at the beautiful photography back then. Now that I have experimented more with raw cuisine, I’ve actually started using it more…
  • I also participate on the gliving forum. That’s actually where I first heard about this site. Anyway, I just read a post today that said raw potatoes are dangerous to eat. Here’s a link to the discussion: http://gliving.tv/community/comments.php?Dis…
  • I like that one, too, Rosie. I just wish they would post more regularly. It has been weeks since I have seen anything new, and I miss Sarma’s blog.
  • I like gliving’s green chef page. Here’s a link: http://gliving.tv/greenchefs/
  • My two favorite raw cookbooks are “Raw Food Real World” and “Rawvolution.” They both are easy to follow, are filled with beautiful inspiring pictures and result in delicious dishes. Some of the recipes call for a dehydrator and others can be whipped…
  • I have to admit that I eat some cooked vegan foods, especially this time of year. However, I still eat mostly raw. I try to stick to seasonal produce, and include a lot of greens in my diet, kale being my favorite. Speaking of kale, the basic kale s…