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  • i reccomend herbal teas (shazzie approves too :) nettles. oatstraw. uhmmm.... I guess u don't eat molasses? i'm not totally raw, but i know u r gonna be just fine.
  • Try taking probiotics. You can find them in capsules at a health food store….. THat is my sage advice. p.s. I understand your vegan/pescetarian diet..rare….. Anyhoo…...Good Luck.
  • I agree. This place RAWKS!!! haha.
    in I love you guys Comment by FreshFruit
  • a raw omawow—that last one is so powerful. Everyone else—these are great!! So inspiring. Hmm… Mine is…. uhmmm…...some thoughts that run alongside the teachings in the tao te ching. Slow down. Breathe. Be in the moment (feel it. Feel your insides. al…
  • lara bars. yummy.
  • I live in the Sunset district, SF.
    in San Francisco? Comment by FreshFruit
  • 23 years young!
  • lemons, cacao and maca….. the ocean. my best friends. rollerskating. vivid sweet dreams. showers.
  • I eat nori plain. I just rip it into tiny little squares and snack on it. Very convenient.
    in seaweed lovers Comment by FreshFruit
  • RAW= Run Allstar Wheeee Rejuvenate All Wonder Revamp Average Ways Revolutionary Aspirations Widen Ritual Atop Wholeheartedness Relief Amidst World Remembering Awesomeness Works Ravishing Always Well Renders Amazing Wonders…
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  • live in San Francisco, California. am from Asheville, North Carolina.
  • In foreign countries, dealing with suspect water, David Wolfe suggests boiling the water, to kill parasites, then adding back sea salt, or pink salt (for minerals), MSM powder and lemon juice. He also suggests placing a quartz crystal in it. He says…
    in Belize Comment by FreshFruit
  • Hmm. I’d try some kombucha. Simple foods, and generally listening to your body (eat when stomach says, “i am hungry’. I am experiencing that problem somewhat as well (food just wants to sit in my stomach..frustrating!)—ANd I have been thinking wistf…
  • Okay. In terms of weight loss. I eat frequently (whenever I am hungry, even if I just ate 2 hours before—metabolism slows when you are hungry)..usually just snacking, sometimes I like to eat more. It is important to stay hydrated, and David wolfe re…
  • okay—10th day 100% raw. WHen I discovered the concept of raw foodism- 40 days ago Have been 95% raw- the 30 days before that slip up day… Yay for raw! So fun. So fresh. So detoxy…
  • profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=6430514 Visit me!!
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