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  • hey guys, I love being high raw, but also noticed that my teeth started hurting more and I started getting more cavities. Lack of something I know, figuring it out now.
  • Hi Sky Princess :) I had so many scars and stuff, but have found that with all this raw eating, they seem to smooth out… just a thought
  • Thanks for all the info and suggestions guys, much appreciated! :)
    in Starch? Comment by Rupal
  • Thanks for all the help guys, will try and see how I feel without starch as I don’t have a dehydrator. We don’t get them here! Thanks again :)
    in Starch? Comment by Rupal
  • I find it really helps to have a big bowl of whatever raw and a small portion of the cooked stuff I love (or used to :P) By the time I have finished the raw and picking on the cooked, I find I can’t eat anymore and somehow it doesn’t taste as good a…
  • yay raw!!!! I’ve been pretty much 90% raw these past two weeks, but today went on a binge of crackers and picante! hehe …. I really need to get a dehydrator as miss the crunchiness more than anything. Am also gradually planning to put out a few arti…
  • Hi Marichiesa, Can you tell me a little more about the oil? Is it just a matter of taking one tablespoon before every meal? Olive or any other oil? thanks
  • hey guys, me again. I’m really worried now as its getting worse. I haven’t had any replies which makes me feel that this may not be detox after all, gonna go see a doc! tc
    in Blistered lips Comment by Rupal