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  • Well, besides the long drawn-out opinion pieces, I am going to raw union, from Alaska, and I am excited, I love the concept of uniting love in the presence of so many people full of like-minds and hearts full of love, I think it will be amazing!!! I…
  • I am waiting to start mine in August, but I think it is fantastic that you are doing it, especially for a second time!!! Good Luck and Remember all the Benefits to keep you Motivated!!
  • I just have to state one obvious fact here, microwaves don't just heat food- they radiate it! Obviously not a good choice, besides destroying enzymes you now have a radioactive mess that looks like food!
    in Freezing Food Comment by naturalkandy
  • This is so hard!! I live with a meat and taters boy- at least he eats organic- but so much grain and pasta and the smells are so delicious!! He also has 2 junk food sons that live off of candy and pizza and I have a 3 year old i am trying to influen…
  • My 2 cents: Having issues with eating started in middle school, but I have found that gaining knowledge about food and nutrition and making informed choices gives me a sense of control in my life and I think that is why raw foods diet help someone w…
  • Wow- great advice, I am mostly raw, but its only been for the past year and a half, my son will be 4 in a month and he loves finger foods andsometimes my smoothies; definitely spinah is a winner for kids, it's also the only green he will eat raw, I …
  • I'm in Wasilla, Alaska USA, Born and raised and loving my transition into raw~ness, even when its chilly outside!!!!