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  • Cucumbers grow well in our climate. My fave are lemon cukes. Are you saying that the tomatoes are last years plants? Tomatoes are an annual here, I have never heard of overwintering them. Most people don’t plant them till closer to the last frost (w…
  • I keep mine in the fridge, so no clue on how long it is ok out of it. I use raw honey to sweeten in just a little. I like to add it to my smoothies but haven’t really tried it in anything else.
    in almond milk Comment by Priceless One
  • 2-3 days, that is what I was thinking. So I am glad that I dumped the stuff that I had from 4 days ago. Rosie, I love the idea of freezing some. Vaughn, call it fermented and maybe you won’t feel so icky about drinking it;)
    in almond milk Comment by Priceless One
  • I like to throw them in any smoothie. They add a nice zing to it. Btw, I don’t eat the skin. It gives me the creeps. :)
    in Kiwis Comment by Priceless One
  • Persimmons aren’t exotic but they are a really fun treat. I think they have a short season like figs. Love, love, love figs! I am starting a new garden on the new property and I have decided to put in a persimmon tree. Who knows if we will be here l…
  • Mine would be mango. But it has to be a good one. Some are stringy, that isn’t nice. The bad spots make me gag, they look kind of greyish. But if you get a really good one that is ripened just right they are divine!!
  • Ray, where in our neck of the woods did you find a durian??? I am really, really curious about those things. I hear so much about them all the time. James, I wonder if that is why I am craving melons right now. Life has been incredibly stressful and…
  • Vaughn, I have never seen a durian here but ya never know! I didn’t think I would ever see young coconut here either. Dates, I didn’t think of those. I have been eating oranges before class and have been very pleased with the results, I will add ban…
  • I guess the one that they did in the US was brutal. Not something that I want to volunteer for.
  • I put mine in a smoothie and actually liked it. I didn’t like it with the water though. Gave that one to dd. She likes anything that I don’t. Vaugn, I actually found one in a basic grocery store (Winco/Waremart)in the produce section. I had to rub m…
  • Avos as a dessert?! Interesting thought. I will have to try that. Thanks! I really liked coconuts before I went raw, avocados too. It has just been since my taste buds changed that I have struggled with them. That is what I find so strange.
  • I love nuts but I really limit them simply because I was putting on weight. And I prefer the way my body feels when it is saturated with water from eating fruit as opposed to water from drinking it, kwim? Too many nuts and I am needing too much wate…
  • Hey, that’s really nice of you. Apples, I LOVE apples, grapes, oranges, grapefruit, banana’s (especially in smoothies or as ice cream), any melon, mangoes, actually almost all fruit are a go. And most veggies though I am obviously eating way more fr…
  • I don’t like any, young or mature. Actually, I can do some mature but not much. I have tried the water out of one young coconut and it tasted like metal. I might try again with a another young one and see if I just had a bad one. I don’t mind dried …
  • Oi!! What a bummer. I have wondered about the agave but didn’t really want to know if my hunch was correct, ignorance is bliss;) Well, there goes that. Thanks Vaugn, I can’t hide anymore. :)
  • From what I understand they are meant for pretty high usage. You will be using it at a lower temp then normal so probably less wear and tear on the dehydrator.
  • http://www.myspace.com/89018893
    in Myspace Comment by Priceless One
  • Thanks for sharing your experience with this. When we get into our house I will give it a try.
  • Where do you get them? Do I have to order online? I have assumed that all nuts in the store are roasted to remove the shells, am I wrong on that?
  • rae-dean check your heath food store. It is on the shelf near non-raw tahini at mine.
    in Tahini? Comment by Priceless One
  • Subcutaneous is right under the skin (I grew up on a farm giving shots and stuff to our animals) so I am guessing joy means it is right under the skin rather then in the muscle. But I could be wrong;) I do notice that when I am eating too many nuts …
  • My guess would be that it is something that needs to break down. I didn’t drop any weight for the first month that I was raw, not a single pound and I was rather overweight for me. Exactly 4 weeks after I started raw I dropped 10 pounds in one weeke…
  • Wow, those do sound excellent! I can’t do any now (obviously!) but hopefully in the future. Can you post here when he does them again?
  • Did you see the one that is $30? It’s a good size jar and lasts a really long time. You don’t use much of it because it is pure.
    in cacao Comment by Priceless One
  • Part of the link worked. Do a search for cacao and it will come up.
    in cacao Comment by Priceless One
  • http://www.sunfood.com/cgi-bin/order/index.cgi?.../Organic_Food&sc=Cacao/Chocolate&tc= Hmmmm….I don’t know if that link will work. But have you tried the raw cacoa from Nature’s First Law? Does it bother you?
    in cacao Comment by Priceless One
  • No, they aren’t raw. And, the general idea that I have gathered is that if it isn’t edible without cooking it first then we shouldn’t be eating it. You might actually be going into a detox. I know that my body really freaks out at times and tries to…
    in Beans Comment by Priceless One
  • I lean heavy on fruits, then some veggies. I can do without nuts/seeds most of the time but I like to throw them in occasionally to give me some variety.
  • Yes, I need something hot to warm me up on the inside. And I do consider myself almost;) 100%. At least today I am. :)
  • Why do I seem to think that all recipes need to be difficult? Thanks, this looks great.
    in Lara bars? Comment by Priceless One