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  • Oh, thanks so much!!!
  • No, I have never had a problem with lint. I thought I would but was pleased that I didn’t. I actually try and use cheesecloth but was out one day and grabbed the towel in a pinch.
  • I use any clean kitchen towel.
  • Congrats!!!
  • I am not intimidated I am just super busy. I am homeschooling 4 kids, building a house with my hubby (literally building it ourselves), involved in church activities. Life is just crazy. I am working hard toward my blackbelt in tae kwon do and I do …
    in Fitness? Comment by Priceless One
  • Watermelon is my splurge (especially right now!). But apples are my staple (my apple supplier just told me that there is only 3 weeks of good apples left till next season :() Oranges and/or grapefruit are my daily breakfast must have.
  • I posted there too. I work out with my tkd pal’s, walk and run with my kiddo’s, bounce on the trampoline (well not lately as I seriously sprained my ankle at the blasted laundromat). I also T-Tapp to keep my back and neck limber. And like I said on …
    in Getting Fit Comment by Priceless One
  • I picked up Eating without Heating at my local health food store. Here is a link to the Boutenko family store. The book is about halfway down the page. http://www.rawfamily.com/products1.htm
  • There is a recipe for one in the Boutenko kids book Eating without Heating. It is really yummy. I made it for a desert potluck with my SAD family and everyone loved it. It is copyrighted or I would share it here.
  • No bcp here. Mine have gotten shorter and waaaay lighter. I might need to use a tampon for 2 days, maybe. I had a rough month last month (family vacation and I totally skipped out on the whole raw thing) and it was the first time in the past year th…
  • No suicidal depression!!!!!! My weight is sitting better on my body (as in more of where it should rather then where it shouldn’t). Way more energy. Clear skin (I have struggled with acne since I was 9) and much softer skin all over. My dh was givin…
  • Vaughn, your link didn’t work for me. jaymz72, you just have to know how to use them. I looove them in some banana ice cream with a few almonds thrown in. Yumm!!!!
    in Raw Cacao Comment by Priceless One
  • What is MSM? I went to the link but it didn’t really tell me what it was for. Why do you take it?
  • By all means jaymz72, post it as soon as you can. My dh will be delighted!!! And Chris, that really was too funny!
  • Sorry, no help here. My family is suffering too! I am really hoping that someone else pops in with some encouraging info!
  • Welcome! This isn’t the easiest way to live, well around other people it isn’t, but it certainly is the most rewarding!
  • I know that I picked them up last August. Oh, I can’t wait, those were soooo yummy!
    in fresh figs Comment by Priceless One
  • My kids eat the stalks all the time. I would go to pick some for a pie (before going raw) and would find that they had raided my plant and I wouldn’t be able to find enough to use.
  • So Vaughn, do you speak German? Those look interesting. I will have to spend some time reading up on the whole idea. Thanks!
  • I have eaten raw cheese and loved it. It was delicious with a pear. :) I plan on putting my whole family on raw milk in April, when my friend’s cow freshens. It is a good compromise between vegan, which is what I prefer, and SAD, which is what my hu…
    in Raw Cheese Comment by Priceless One
  • OR is really slacking. I just finally found young coconut here. I can’t even imagine trying to find something that exotic here for another 5 years. :)
    in Mission 1 Comment by Priceless One
  • That is hard to separate out because I have 4 kids who share my food but I am going to estimate at about $40-$50. Of course, if you ask my hubby he will tell you that I have no real clue of money and how much I spend. :)
  • Rick, If you don’t mind, where did you get your mushroom? I am looking for a reputable source.
    in Kombucha Tea Comment by Priceless One
  • I drink yerba mate too. Tea is just one thing I am not giving up. :) Rick, I just started kombucha a month or so ago. I don’t drink it daily yet. I have been buying GT’s at a health food store and at almost $4 a bottle, it is a tad spendy. My sis an…
    in Kombucha Tea Comment by Priceless One
  • Well, I had some flax crackers that I lost in the back of a cabinet for atleast 3 months. They looked fine but I tossed them. :) They were in a Tupperware container and there were no bugs, no signs of mold. I just didn’t feel like eating them. With …
  • I think the thing about the teflex is how easy it is to use. The sheets are the size of the trays and it stays put. If you don’t mind using the parchment then you probably aren’t missing out on anything. I never had parchment paper around so I used …
  • Make sure you just use the color part. The white is bitter.
  • Howdy!!! :)
  • Oh rae-dean, that sounds wonderful. I bet it is so hard to leave it. Your dd is so blessed and I bet your grandsons will develop a taste for the grapes. I am planting grapes in the new garden so my kids will stop raiding the neighbors plants.:) I ha…
  • Kandace, I would yank those tomato plants out and start new. Down in Salem, Lifesource will put out good starts. I am sure that you can find places up there with heirloom plants in a month or so. I would start right now by getting your soil ready. M…