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  • I've taken nori rolls w/ sunflower pate and veggies in them to the lake with my SAD family before-- and they actually ate them! Easy to stuff in a cooler and they're filling too. I brought them to a b-day party with another branch of my fam too, and…
  • Yeah, start off with small amounts. It's really good in smoothies, but too much is too much even for me and I've used it for years. I use one teaspoon per smoothie, and that's just right for me to get that nice malty taste, without being too much. A…
  • Parsley, pineapple is a powerful detoxifier, which could cause the heat, I guess. Apparently, you can get rid of parasites and cleanse your lungs by going on a three-day raw pineapple and pineapple juice fast (I think I got that from Ancient Cookfir…
  • What a great thread.... this is a wonderful community!
  • They used to be raw before someone got botulism or something.... They are only flash-pasteurized which means the juice isn't cooked nearly as long or hot has the boiled-to-death non-refrigerated stuff. Hope that's reassuring! That must have been dev…
  • I agree with your yoga instructor. In Thunderbolt, you massage the marmas on the backs of you calves which stimulate digestion. If you rub the backs of your calves with your hands, you can feel your digestive tract work-- it's really amazing!
  • I've just started doing this: http://babyslime.livejournal.com/174054.html and it's been wonderful! No fasting necessary. I think it's awesome your hair is good without anything but water, but if it ever does get messy, give this a try! I'd heard of…
  • I'm a biologist, but macro, not micro... sorry! I do know that it's good to avoid contamination when fermenting foods.... so throwing out the sneeze-water was probably a good call!
  • Once my sister and I had a bunch of people over for a party-- we cut into a beautiful red pepper and a full-grown moth flew out! There must have been a tiny hole into which a mother laid eggs. This poor caterpillar spent its whole life enclosed in a…
  • What kind of spiralizer do you like? I'm planning to get one too, and I want to make a good choice.
  • My son isn't a toddler any more (5), but our favorite greens to use are chard (rainbow or swiss, especially rainbow) and beet greens. Their natural saltiness is perfect with sweet fruits. He also likes smoothies w/ spinach. We use Kale sometimes, bu…
  • My Vita Mix! I could live very simply and happily with only my Vita Mix and a tall glass! (And if I had a straw I wouldn't even need the glass!) :-D Hahahaha! Who needs the straw? *chugging straight out of the Vita Mix* Yay!
  • The soy debate was raging pretty fiercely even 8 years ago when I went Vegan. As a result, I didn't eat a single molecule of soy for the first two years. Then I did some better research to find out what all the hype was about and found some more bal…
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  • I had the same detox reaction with the same timing and it passed in just few days. Hang in there! ETA: sorry, didn't notice how old the thread was!