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  • G - Guava In Hawaii, guava fruit is eaten with soy sauce and vinegar. Occasionally, a pinch of sugar and black pepper are added to the soy sauce and vinegar mixture. The guava fruit is cut up and dipped into the sauce. In Pakistan and India, guava f…
  • During my time of the month, I find I crave fat. cooked or not. I am sure to have avocados and nuts handy. I also feel like papaya helps a lot of my cravings (and bloating)
  • This is a wonderful thread! I *hate* celery, and there are so many juice recipes that call for it, I"d like to enjoy celery. This may be a good start.
  • mmmm.... I forgot about figs. I eat a ton of them in the fall.
  • Thanks, RawKidChef! Butterfly - I *love* persimmons! I prefer Fuju to any other type, you eat them like an apple. I don't know that they're in season any more (here). I haven't seen them locally for a while.
  • RawKidChef: approx how many cherimoyas come in a box from him? I spoke with him on the phone, and am confused as to whether he was talking pounds or number of actual fruit. It was a strange conversation. I liked him, and would love to buy from him, …
  • Ani Phyo has one for mango cobbler, and I put cherries in with it. SO good! I'm sure it would be great with all cherries too.
  • oh! strawberries. I love them so much. I just got the first of the season, and they are so delicious.
  • Papaya. but I am anxiously awaiting cherry season.
  • Hello from Central CA! and welcome!
  • aha, I know we've got coriander in the spice cabinet, I didn't know it was just dried cilantro
  • 1. courgettes - zucchini? 2. beetroot - beets/beet root 3. rocket -... arugula? 4. desiccated coconut - ? 5. coriander - coriander 6. aubergines - eggplant 7. runner beans - string beans? 8. mangetout - pea?? 9. linseed - ? 10. spring onions - green…
  • I've used raisins and loved the result. Otherwise, I usually just use dates.
  • Our local market used to give their old stuff to our neighbors for their pigs. I don't know if they still do it - they've changed hands since.
  • This is a really great thread! I like the burgers in Ani Phyo's Raw Food Kitchen - I made them a lot smaller than she called for. I also like her garden burger - in the same book... and the carrot pate
  • I am following. Your top picture (of the salad) made me drool.
  • I started eating raw foods in Jan 2009. (mainly breakfast and lunch) In October 2009, I quit smoking completely. I just didn't care to anymore, and I think its because I had cut the processed foods from my diet.
  • I'm just saving this thread. I have nothing to add that hasn't been said. I've been thinking about making Kombucha for a while now, and there are some great tips here. Thanks!
    in Kambucha Comment by silystarrfish
  • oh, and I have a friend (who is SAD) who drinks smooth move and doesn't do the SWF and says she doesn't have a problem with bowel movements.
  • Scooter, I am on day four of my first cleanse and haven't had any of these problems. I am drinking the SWF through a straw. I couldn't do it without one. and I definitely don't have a problem with the lemonade. Perhaps less cayenne?
  • Saving. I'm curious too
  • While my coworkers usually scarf anything with sugar (especially the ones who are "dieting" - and I can't be one to judge, it wasn't until very recently I got my food and health priorities straight), I was happily surprised when I brought a very lar…
    in my coworkers Comment by silystarrfish
  • Stella: I drink mine at work, and I usually end up walking around for a little while with a "green smoothie baby tummy". hahaha. ^_^
  • For me, it certainly is.
  • http://www.amazon.com/Hula-innovation-workout-Hoop-Boxed/dp/B001GB8OI2 This is the one my mom has Here is one without inner ridges: http://www.fitnessequipmentandmore.com/asp/superbrowse.asp?clid=1364&caid=&sku=FIT1215&refid=FR334-FIT121…
    in hula hoop? Comment by silystarrfish
  • I don't know what they're called, or where to get them (sporting goods store? Target?), but when I was in high school, my mom bought one - it is weighted with inner ridges, and every time I used it, I ended up with bruises around my waist, so, if yo…
    in hula hoop? Comment by silystarrfish
  • yum! I dream of having my fridge look like this. I can't wait to get a place of my own
  • In addition to kale and spinach I really enjoy beet greens. yum!
  • ooh! Thanks Sweet! I tried their San Francisco blend - it had peanuts and a few other bigger sprouts in it, and I wasn't too crazy about it. I really love smaller sprouts. Haven't tried the buckwheat yet.
  • I second the magic bullet. I can't afford a better blender than the ancient one I have (I dream of a Blendtec) I also really like my dehydrator, but honestly don't use it all that often. I got it from the Refurbished Excalibur Ebay shop really cheap…
    in Equipment Comment by silystarrfish