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  • bigg and Amla, Thank you for the suggestions. I don't think I have candida issues so I suspect it can be low stomach acid although I don't normally have bloating problems. It only happened when I did the 7-day detox diet and I'm much better today. I…
  • How about zucchini pasta and marinara sauce?
    in tired of salad Comment by Maxerbear
  • I ate sprouted quinoa in the past few days. It gave me too much gas and I really didn't care for the taste. I think I would rather eat cooked quinoa, sprouted buckwheat oatmeal or sprouted lentils.
  • superfood2 and ambiguous, thank you very much for answering my question.
  • You seem to be very active and eat very well, so I don't think this is the case, but is it possible that your exercise is getting too easy and are not burning as many calories as before? When I keep doing the same exercise, the calories I can burn d…
    in Getting fat Comment by Maxerbear
  • rawpretzela, I think it is definitely a good idea to take a b12 supplement. Even Dr. Graham and Frederic Patenaude recommend the supplementation.
  • I like Roger Haeske and regularly read his newsletters, and I really like Frederic Patenaude for his wealth of information. I even subscribe to his Raw Food Monthly Mentor Club. I am, however, taking the same stance as RawEverything. I totally agree…
  • jakkrabbit, you look like an angel sent by Budda to inspire thousands of people. Thanks for sharing the videos. You have such a beatiful soul. Good luck in your fitness journey!
  • I'm very short, so I eat only around 1200 calories per day. If I eat half an avocado or a handful of nuts, that will bring my fat intake to 17 - 18% of my total calories, so I stick to this rule (either half an avocado or some nuts per day).
  • jakkrabbit, I found the following web site. http://www.ehow.com/how_5155227_count-calories-juicing.html It sounds a bit complicated, but I hope you can get a better idea.
  • jakkarabbit, Wow, what a progress you have made in such a short time! That is very impressive and you look awsome! I'm very proud of your hard work and dedication! I wish I can have such a fast progress. I'm moving at a turtle pace compared to you. …
  • Thank you for the nice comments, amyskene and jakkrabbit. jakkarabbit, thank you also for the excellent advice and interesting information. You are right. I shouldn't focus too much on body fat %. How I feel about my body is far more important that …
  • I also have a big sweet tooth and struggled giving up sweets until recently. After eating excessive sweets one day and got disgusted with myself, I decided not to eat sweets for a while. After three days, I realized my mind was so much calm and peac…
    in Sugar Addiction Comment by Maxerbear
  • jakkrabbit, I think you've already got some idea. You can also go to the "What you ate today" topic and see what and how much people are eating each day.
  • I also agree with harmonylia, sisterbecky and vabeachcg. The body of each person is unique so I believe the diet most suited to the body should be unique as well and that listening to your body is extremely important. For just about every so-called …
  • I don't eat all organic, either, but I buy organic for those containing a lot of pestisides and also try to buy affordable organic veggies and fruits such as bananas because organic food contains more nutrients and higher vibration. I rely on the fo…
  • Pursegirl, you mentioned that you did cardio exercise 5 days per week. Doing only cardio is not ideal if you wish to lose weight. I suggest adding some resistance training to gain more muscle, which increases your metabolism and helps burn more fat.…
    in No weight loss? Comment by Maxerbear
  • I would highly recommend taking a B12 supplement and retesting in a couple months. If you wish to buy a high quality supplement, you can buy B12 in the form of methylcobalamin or hydroxycobalamin, which has higher bioavailability, but the most commo…
  • MaryBee, I congratulate you on transitioning to raw vegan at such a young age! You have a bright future ahead of you! I eat salad almost every lunch and dinner, but I don't get tired of it. The key is to change what you put in your salad (different …
  • You are absolutely right, grapefruit.fanatic. Thank you for pointing that out.
    in my coworkers Comment by Maxerbear
  • We had a huge container of large biscottis from Sam's Club. Because I didn't want to eat any of them, I asked my husband to take it to work and put it in the kitchen for his coworkers. I attached a note that says "Please help yourself." My husband d…
    in my coworkers Comment by Maxerbear
  • FitDay is another popular free online service. http://www.fitday.com/ I recently purchased a program called DietMaster 2100 since I found a good review on it at the site below: http://nutrition-software-review.toptenreviews.com/
  • You're welcome, okra. Hope you will enjoy using your new knife! I see you are originally from Japan. I am too.
    in favorite knife? Comment by Maxerbear
  • Hi okra, I don't think Shun knives are particularly difficult to sharpen. If you would like to use professional service, however, I recommend this site: http://www.japaneseknifesharpening.com/index.html They really know about Japanese knives. I had …
    in favorite knife? Comment by Maxerbear
  • Hi okra, I have both shun and global and have found that shun's quality is much better. The craftmanship is just superb. I used to have wuthof too, but among these three, I would highly recommend shun. It makes chopping vegetables a fun activity.
    in favorite knife? Comment by Maxerbear
  • Hi GlitterGirl, Yes, they are very soft and elastic and feels good on the skin. I said underwear, but obviously you can wear those as a regular top.
  • I live in Wisconsin and I'm getting cold too! I don't blame you for wanting to eat some cooked veggies. They are still healthy food. I often make a bowl of miso soup and eat with salad to warm me up. I just heat some water to less than 115 degrees, …
  • How about marinating them? You can just use olive oil and nama shoyu, or I like using the following combination and marinate overnight. 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar 1/4 cup olive oil 2 - 4 Tbs agave 2 Tbs nama shoyu 1 tsp salt 1 - 2 Tbs dry herbs
  • Flodadol, it it works best for you, that's great! You are probably more advanced and can get some nutrients from prana as well. The eating style is not for someone like me who wants to lose body fat because when you don't eat for an extended period …
    in One Meal A Day Comment by Maxerbear
  • Thanks again, everybody. I haven't eaten any baked sweets or bread for several days and I just realized that I was much more calm. I think I finally got it. I knew sugar was bad but never realized it would make such a profound difference in a negati…