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  • Hey guys! During the transition I couldn't get into my account and even tonite I had to reset my password. The holidays were incredibly busy but hopefully I can get back here more often! Good to see everyone again.
  • Waterbaby, my sincerest condolences for you loss. I had to say goodbye to my dad in 2000 so I know your pain. I’m so grateful that I was present and holding my fathers hand as he passed. ((((( HUGS )))))
    in Waterbaby.. Comment by kevin7197
  • She has a Myspace webpage: http://www.myspace.com/portersinger I’m not a member or I would contact her myself, lol. I agree, she is missed!
  • Krystale…I’m assuming you meant the Sea Tangle noodles, lol. They are GREAT! No seaweed taste and very vesatile. I find them at my local Asian market.
  • I have been experimenting with these for a couple of months. They are SO versatile! I made a fruit salad last week with and orange juice and lime marinade, then I drained and added fresh fruit. I also like to make an italian type salad using olive o…
    in KELP NOODLES Comment by kevin7197
  • Best of luck! It can be a tuff battle. For me it was a love affair that had to end and it took alot of support for me to “get past it”.
  • As best as I could determine from some research, 3 1/2 tablespoons of goji powder in 8 oz of water equals the equivilent of fresh goji juice. Hopes that helps!
  • Of all my uncookbooks, I have a favorite little book that is full of quick and easy recipes. “Alive in 5”. I highly recommend it!
  • I’ve owned a centrigal juicer and I wasn’t very happy with the results. Much like what Aziah has described. I now own a solostar (auger type) and I like it very much. Very flexible and easy to clean up. It’s probably one of my most used appliances i…
  • You can choose the “Watch topic” feature at the top of any forum. Then you have to go to your profile page to check on the forums you post. I’m not sure if this feature is available on the recipes though!
  • To “strain the almonds for another 12 hours” means to put the mixture in cheesecloth and suspend it in a bowl to let the ‘whey” drain off. I usually set my Excalibur at about 110 and I flip the mixture over when it’s about halfway dry. The amount of…
  • Also check the temperature setting of your fridge. Your greens shouldn’t be wilting in 24 hours! The correct temp is about 34 degrees.
    in Wilted Greens Comment by kevin7197
  • No, it’s a broadleaf plant. There are a number of varieties. The one I’m most familiar with is known as “buckwheat” in my area. It’s a good substitute for comfrey. The seeds are also what psyllium comes from, as I understand it. Don’t quote me on th…
  • I too have discovered the abundance in my backyard, lol. I had been wondering where I was gonna find burdock since it grows wild in my state and there it is, rite in my back yard, lol. And of course dandelions, chives and plantain. I’m sure I’ll be …
  • For some reason I suspect these may have been confused with Juniper berries which are edible however there can be nasty side effects in some instances. Purely speculation on my part though!
  • The thing to remember about dried fruit is the concentrated sugars. Definitely better to go fresh on a regular basis and use dried occasionally!
    in Dried Fruit Comment by kevin7197
  • Definitely a good product. My produce stays fresh MUCH longer with these bags!
    in Green Bags ?? Comment by kevin7197
  • I agree with Zoe. The noise doesn’t bother my household at all! It’s really not a big deal.
    in Dehydrator noise Comment by kevin7197
  • Hmmmm interesting take on onions. Oddly though, my family has loved onions for as long as I can remember and have not suffered any ill effects. I suppose we all have different needs and reactions to various foods!
  • If there is an asian market near you check there before ordering. They will be in the refrigerated section. I found them at my local asian market and they are wonderful!
    in Getting Kelp Comment by kevin7197
  • Wow…2 months, I’m surprised they don’t feel like mush, lol. The odds are high they are no longer any good. Avocados should not be kept in the fridge until they’ve been cut. Gently squeeze the fruit. If it feels firm with a slight give then they are …
  • Go to Walgreens or someplace similar. I bought a good little electric citrus juicer that I’ve had for years now. It’s an “Oster”. It sits on my counter in handy reach at all times!
  • Ahhh that paints a clearer picture. Definitely things like guac and salsa, and I like the idea of the flatbreads, maybe for some finger type sandwiches.
  • I’m assuming you were nominated to bring raw appetizers? I would suggest some seed and nut cheeses with veggies, Maybe a fruit platter with sweet dips. Throw in some flax crackers and some easy spreads maybe. There is an appetizer section on this si…
  • Very nice. It’s wonderful to get to know you a little better!
    in music!!! Comment by kevin7197
  • LOL@ Angie…of course you can get by with that stuff. I got up on a conveyor belt at a checkout last xmas and sang ” I Want a Hippopotamus for Xmas” and got a round of applause, lol. My friends were mortified at first but what’s life without some fun…
    in Our goal-100% Comment by kevin7197
  • It’s not just a female issue, lol. I have binged and starved for years. I didn’t even realize I had this issue until much later in life. At some point I finally recognized that my food behavior wasn’t/isn’t normal. I’m still struggling with finding …
  • The closest thing to raw that I know of in Indy would be “When Eddie Met Salad”. I haven’t been there personally yet but I do know that the raw Meetup group has met there on a number of occasions.
  • I have a Vitamix and a Solostar juicer and I’m now looking at a food processor. Each tool serves very different purposes. To be honest, my vitamix is my least favorite tool. I constantly have to tamp stuff down and it’s very hard to get all of the f…
    in Vitamix Comment by kevin7197
  • I’m wondering how ground chia seeds would do. I’ve only recently discovered their versatility but they are a great replacement for what I used to use eggs for in recipes. Since conventional ice cream uses eggs I would assume chia seeds would yield s…