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  • Hey amirm, there is a lack of fiber in pureed foods which is more likely to have constipation. I think you should go for different methods to treat constipation like drinking plenty of water, exercise and eat foods which are rich in probiotics.
  • Hey arrayyahoward its very saddening to hear about your father's death, but you have to understand that death is the start of eternal life with God(according to the bible). To come out of this mental dilemma take the help of a psychiatrist they will…
  • Hi polina22p Fenugreeks seed helps in increasing milk of the nursing mothers as it precursors named hormone that helps in increasing milk supply. But if it's taken in the excessive amount in some cases side effects were also shown, therefore severa…
  • As I have so many favorite quotes but one that I truly consider for self-improvement is "If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been.” —T.D. Jakes
  • Like every woman I also want a long and thicker eyelash for this I even use false eyelashes but after reading this I got to know about the natural remedies. So I will definitely try this method for long and thick eyelashes. But one question is here…
    in eyelashes Comment by Richa94 August 2018
  • Hi Carmentina Yes, you are right white lines on the nail is the sign of deficiencies of certain vitamins or minerals in the body. As you mention you are taking zinc for this and still white line appears on it may be due to leukonychia a medical con…
  • Hi there I also have to face the same problem in winter, that time I used to depend on natural remedies, they are found easily and also helps in soothing your skin as well, this includes olive oil, coconut oil, and milk. Hope this information helps…
  • Hi, there The preventive measure for heart disease is to avoid cholesterol and living a stress-free life. As you mention in your post that doc has advised him a nutritional diet, maybe there is a lack of nutrition in his diet. So first thing go fo…
  • There is no connection between the color of the eyes and diet. If you really want to change the color of your eyes, then wear contact lenses of choice or else go surgery.
  • Skincare routine changes according to the season. In winter our skin gets dehydrated so, to keep ourselves hydrated drink plenty amount of water it will help in detoxifying our body as well as provide the glow to your skin. Do not forget to apply su…
  • This the which most of the health conscious people are looking for, what to eat before or after a workout? After a workout, you can have foods which are rich in protein or carb and fats, on the other hand before you should take light diets such as t…
  • Yes, you are right exhausting workout cannot help you in achieving the desired result along with this you have to follow a strict diet regime, here strict does not mean skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner Here strict means including right kind of th…