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  • My favorite one is mango, frozen blueberries, baby spinach leaves, and water, I love it!!!
  • Thank you so much, they all look delicious....thank you
  • If anyone wants to try my favorite juice is one or two carrots, one apple, 1/4 beet root, and about one inch of ginger root, I love it. Some times I add an orange or a lemon. enjoy
    in JUICE FAST!!! Comment by Majomi
  • thanks rita for your input, you said you have tendonitis since July 06, do you mean thishurrible pain will stay with me for ever? I can not move my right arm, and I need to work and go back to school, please say thay I just misunderstood.....
    in Tendinitis Comment by Majomi
  • Thank you rawfreak4fr I felt like you really know me, and I'll to follow your advise, I've been on and off raw because of my family
    in Tendinitis Comment by Majomi
  • Thank you Donald I'll try it, the dr recomend it to me but i though it was a different times so I was applying hit during the day and then at night I apply ice.
    in Tendinitis Comment by Majomi
  • Hi Monica, when I soak almonds or sunflower I usually used them right away without drying then. I think this website might help you http://www.avenaoriginals.com/library/recipe_display.asp?a=Soaking_Nuts_and_Seeds
  • I also like the spider plants, it is known for that.
  • Garbanzo beans contain healthy nutrients including protein, manganese, folate, tryptophan, copper, phosphorus and iron. And they have a delicius nutty taste. Enjoy then in hummus, sprout them and add them to salas or any way you can find
  • kandace I still can get in at home, I try last night again. It takes a long time and them it said time out or something like that
  • I can’t believe it I got in from my house for the first time in over a month now. I know a lot of people are having problems getting in too but the funny part, or I should said, the sad part, in my case I was able open the site at work but I have no…
  • I’m just reading everything every one here has to say and all I can see, regardless the problems you all have, is that you all are beatiful people with the biggest heart I’ve seen in a while. And I’m 100% sure we’re all here for a reason in the mean…
  • I’m growing tomatoes that i started from seeds that i collect from organic grape tomatoes and they are doing great, I’ve been eating from them already. I’m also growing cucumbers, red and rainbow swiss chard, peppers, beets, carrots and basil. The b…
    in Home-gardening Comment by Majomi
  • Lauren1982 ACV stand for apple cider vinegar
  • Hi mamamilk, that was beautiful, very inspiring. Moth, how’s your day? I’ll try tomorrow again and see if I can join your 30 day challenge!!!
  • queenfluff i’m just curius, I still use shampoo, I try no poo for two weeks, and when back to shampoo. I change my hair products a while ago. So my question is how often do you rinse your hair. Thank you in advance.
    in hair loss?? Comment by Majomi
  • Not too long ago I read or hear some where that hair loss occur when our body is in need of certain vitamins, because the hair is the one part of our body with less priority for vitamins and minerals thats the first resource to be used. Biotin is th…
    in hair loss?? Comment by Majomi
  • MOTH I read your post yesterday and I wanted to say something to help you, but the truth is I was going through almost the same thing as you with the only diff. that my addiction is food. And even though I know is bad for me and that I’m just undoin…
  • Try to reduce the amount of nuts if you eating too many of them, also check out for any salty ingredients it may be water retention. If that doesn’t work just try simple meals for a week or two and see what happens.
  • My all time favorite DVD is Power Yoga Total Body with Rodney Yee. It is easy to follow and relaxing. Good luck!!!
    in Yoga Dvd Comment by Majomi
  • gorawmom to answer your question about why nuts and seeds need to be soaked, is because they are packed whith nutrients, but they are in a kind of sleeping state and when you soak then the germination process will start and does nutrients will be mo…
  • angie I’m now reading Raw Food Life Force Energy by Natalia Rose, and even though I don’t agree with everything she said I do like or I should say my body response realy good to the idea of starting the day with juice then fruits and vegies and a ni…
  • Karuna I totaly agree with you. Last time we’re having problems with this website I visit different raw sites and none of them have that homey feeling I find in here. When the problem was solve and I was able log in here, I was so happy because I re…
  • I think coconuts are the best, I’ve been craving then lately, but I haven’t been lucky enough to find any around here. I have never had that ooky reaction to them, so I can’t realy help you there.
    in Yummy Coconuts!! Comment by Majomi
  • If you could get the book green for life it will be all you need to know about green smoothies. If you can’t get one try this website http://www.seekeronline.org/journals/y2005/nov0…
  • CodeSoi I love to grow my vegies too, I plant them in the summer in pots and I just started to grow some inside, so far I harvest baby lettuce from my windowsill and radishes from outside. About sprouting I think this websites might help you http://…
  • Allaneor check out this website I think it will help you in how to combine food http://www.sunfood.net/salad-prep.html have fun and enjoy your new journey :)
    in Almost raw =) Comment by Majomi
  • I haven’t try this, but Natalia Rose in her book Raw Food Life Force Energy, recommend it. The name is Biodeads Acidophilus Comples, here is a link http://www.live-live.com/BioBeads-Probiotic-for… In her book she explain that regular probiotic suppl…
  • chriscarlton your last post was so sweet. And Zoe your so lucky to have him or I should say both of you are very lucky to have each other. God bless you both. And rawspice don’t worry about how you will look as you lose weight, with the way you will…
  • Thank you for the info jgfergus, and yes I agree with Alix1962 it very sad, that we people could be that greedy. Some times I think there will be one day that there will be nothing that we could eat that has not been damage or modify.