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  • I remember when Jason Mraz bought that farm Whitney. It was really close to where me and my boyfriend lived in San Diego County. So jealous! The agriculture in north SD county is fabulous! You can seriously grow just about anything if the wildlife d…
    in Raw Celebs? Comment by KinaBolina
  • I loved this show...seriously! The series itself is incredibly illuminating. Kudos to them for being on the cutting edge of various food movements. They visited a commune where they all grew their own food a couple episodes ago...I'm smitten. After …
  • Sorry for the late reply... I like California...it's home. I grew up in Orange County (mostly Irvine, Costa Mesa, & Huntington Beach), went to San Francisco for college, and then moved down to San Diego where I lived for about four years. My onl…
  • ^^^ Hahaha! Burrrrn... I once ordered a vegetarian entree at formal dinner party/gala and someone at the table actually said, "Oh GAWD, you aren't a vegetarian are you?!?" The disgust in their voice was unbelievable. People can be so bizarre...
  • I moved to Washington last July and love it here! However, I went from having a wide range of vega/raw restaurants surround me (Carlsbad, CA area) to having one quasi raw joint in downtown seattle (20 minute drive) and it doesn't even have a full ra…
  • Count your blessings...my boyfriend of five years won't eat any "wierd food"...which encompasses cold, fresh, healthy...you name it! Ha! He will, however, eat smoothies and I sneak Cuisinart chopped fresh produce into his meals (mix in with sauces e…
  • SUGARHIGH! I would seriously be buzzing if I did that.
  • Now that is my idea of dinner. *licks lips* Honestly I wish all fruit was that huge so I could sit down to one piece of fruit and walk away full and content.
  • 1. Coconuts 2. Red Bell Peppers 3. Avocados 4. Frozen Organic Berries (for smoothies) 5. Apples 6. Sprouted Lentils 7. Spinach 8. Garlic 9. Sun Dried Tomatoes 10. Seaweed (particularly dulce) This is a great thread!
  • Cheerios with blueberries and soy milk Spinach salad with 1 cup marinara dressing 2 Kiwis 2 Cups Energy Soup (OMG...I am stuffed) Making a mixed greens salad for dinner wtih a delicious dressing comprised of dates, pine nuts, avocado, lemon juice, g…
  • Morning: Green Smoothie (banana, strawberries, cacao powder, spirulina powder, spinach & nut milk) Midday: Cooked mushrooms & beer (my once a week cooked meal allowance - ate out with boyfriend) Dinner: Raw Veggie sauce over white sweet corn…
  • I eperienced a very slight eye color change...from grey/blue to darker grey/blue with light green near the pupil, but that may be just age. *wink*
  • Melismo, I'm really excited to make that slaw this week. I have a feeling I'll love the bitterness with the richness of the garlic. Delish!
  • So far everything is going great. Odessa, your schedule sounds similar to mine. :) I shared my raw advendture with my coworkers and they’re so excited for me. YAY! I have no qualms about just picking up a fruit or vegetable and eating it as is …I lo…
  • Thanks, 123, that’s a great help!
  • The night after the second day of going 100% raw I awoke at about 4 in the morning with a piercing headache on the left side of my head. It was nearly impossible to sleep but it only lasted until 8:30 and then I was just fine. That was my only detox…