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  • I have the book...need to find time to finish it! So far so good :D
    in born to run Comment by ianpenk
  • I completely understand what you mean. I am a student who is interested in a high raw lifestyle for a better understanding of my body and food from a nutritional chemistry standpoint. This seems to be the only diet that takes into consideration scie…
  • Twitter is fantastic! www.twitter.com/ianpenk
    in Twitter! Comment by ianpenk
  • I have been on 100% raw for a little while, but I am having a tough time with creativity since I do not even have a blender. I am in college, so when I go home next weekend, I plan to take my blender back here with me. It can only get easier from th…
  • New to raw myself, I lived a vegan lifestyle for a while, and if you go at your own pace allowing yourself to adapt, you stop craving things. I haven't had a traditional pizza in a year due to the cheese and couldn't imagine myself wanting any. Don'…
    in Motivation? Comment by ianpenk
  • The squash sounds really good, and it's perfectly okay to have roasted/steamed/lightly cooked foods. I mean it's still really beneficial and healthful!
    in Raw Thanksgiving Comment by ianpenk
  • That's my plan as well: lightly cooked veggies and stuffed mushrooms, etc. Basically, I am going to try my luck at avoiding the turkey with the parents concerned about protein of course. It's going to be my challenge to explain it to them! I don't r…
    in Raw Thanksgiving Comment by ianpenk
  • Maybe it is a different way to channel that negative energy into something positive for your body and health as a whole?
  • Good to know! Do you have any other information about what certain deficiencies cause certain cravings like a website or table or something? Thanks!
  • What if the bingeing is actually on fruits? Does this just suggest a calorie deficiency for the day, especially if exercise is involved?
  • Do you think we could do one of these for november too? Haha I missed the start of this one!
  • I blog, but I am high raw as opposed to 100% and I don't blog too frequently with school pressures being on right now. This is all complicated by the fact that I won't have a blender for another week. I will be posting more often once my food isn't …
    in Raw Blogs Comment by ianpenk
  • My name is Ian, and I am attempting a raw food lifestyle to learn more about it. I am currently a vegan who sometimes eats fish when out rating restaurants. I consider myself a wannabe-foodie, so I have a blog and whatnot. This is more about doing w…
    in Hello, Everyone! Comment by ianpenk