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  • Hi everybody! Thanks for the responses. I'll try to address them each in the morning (trouble sleeping tonight! ) I'm sorry if I seemed grouchy last night - I was! I get really negative when I'm grouchy.
  • Before this I was vegetarian (sometimes vegan) for 20 years. I've been raw on and off for 5 years - and this is what always gets me - even when I was just vegetarian, I had a hard time getting enough calories.
  • I have gained 3 pounds in a month.
  • That may be the quick & dirty answer, but won't really help. That's basically what I been eating, and by 6 or 8 pm, after only managaing to consume only about 600 by that time, I give up and eat something fatty like an avocado or nut cheese. I'm…
  • Thanks for the quick response! I was actually coming back to update: According to this site [url]http://www.freedomfly.net/Articles/Nutrition/nutrition14.htm[/url] I should be eating (basal) 1618.73 and with my current activity level - 2509.02 How a…
  • Thanks. After I wrote this post I found another (several posts down) that had a really good seeming recommendation. This one :http://www.newchapter.com/products/perfect-prenatal
  • Nothing in GA? Very disappointing...
  • And do tell us what this yummy recipe is... :)
  • Sometimes I'll use Flax oil, but it's still oil. Whenever I try a recipe, I start with about a half to a thrid of the oil. Usually it's no problem, and the richness and flavor are still there.
  • Those cakes look good, and may even be worth it (for a special event like a wedding) but there are recipes out there, too. I think Alyssa Cohen has a recipe in her book and so does Juliano in his.
    in Raw Cakes Comment by pixiechik
  • Nah, I don't think so, I have soaked them overnight (with lemon) and they will get pretty soft, but not mushy or soggy. You definitely want to keep them in plain water, though, all the time, they will not soften. I've kept an open package for 4 or 5…
    in Hehe :) Comment by pixiechik
  • For the kelp noodles, soak them in water (doesn't need to be warm) with the juice of one lemon fore about 15 minutes, gives it a pasta-y constisency, instead of crunchy.
    in Hehe :) Comment by pixiechik
  • Thanks for the tip. I already loved nuts online, so I just went and ordered some marcona almons. I can't wait to try them!
  • When I'm craving something cooked, I eat a bunch of fruit. That usually fills me up so the cravings go away. If they are still there, I go do something that keeps me from eating, like a shower or yardwork. I work at a health food store, so organic j…
  • Update: Holland America was great. They made me very nice/fancy salads and soups that were totally yummy and raw. I had plenty to eat the whole trip and would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of going on a cruise. From what I hear, Carnival …
  • Wow. Thanks for the great tips. It’s Holland America and we are going to the Caribbean. They are being great about it! I’ll have to check out that book from Shazzie.
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  • Yes.