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  • It does, those are great ideas! However I just recently read that turmeric doesn't really get absorbed by the digestive system unless it's mixed with pepper? Anyone know about this? A standard curry powder has both pepper and turmeric in it for that…
    in Turmeric Comment by kalypso
  • I use carrot pulp (and also some select fruit pulps) to make muffins for my boyfriend (who is not raw). I'm glad that I at least get the peace of mind that it's not being wasted.
    in Carrot Pulp! Comment by kalypso
  • Where are you guys buying your raw cocoa? I can't seem to find it anywhere! I feel pretty adamant about having it raw (even though I have SAD baking cocoa in my cupboard right now). Is there any reliable online sources I could buy it from?
    in Chocolate making Comment by kalypso
  • I just made some flaxseed crackers that came out really well! (just good old water and flaxseed) and some apricots and banana chips =)
  • Thank you both! I noticed in the Excalibur instructs that they didn't say anything about turning the temps down after a few hours, just maintaining the high temp all the way through. I went through one of my raw books and they say just keep it highe…
  • I'm actually making raisins right now in my dehydrator. I cut the grapes in half so they are actually drying faster than I thought they would (it's been almost 24 hours now). However, I also just realized that my temperature setting is slightly high…
    in raisins- raw? Comment by kalypso
  • You are right, it is against food combining laws to put fruits and veggies together (fruits should always be consumed ONLY with other fruit). I'm not sure if a lot of people on this site are actually aware of the food combo rules just based on a lot…
  • My raw goal leading up to the new year was to get a juicer and a dehydrator. I got my juicer last week, and my dehydrator is coming in the mail sometime next week. My goal for the new year is to use both of these as much as possible!! :) Good luck w…
    in Rawsolutions Comment by kalypso
  • I've been doing julienne vaggies by hand but I really want something more fine, which is why I'm interested in getting one of these. Does anyone know if you can find them in regular stores? (Walmart, Zellers, etc)
    in Spiralizer??? Comment by kalypso
  • I'm SO glad you asked this question!! I'm in Ontario as well and I'm having a difficult time finding some raw ingredients for recipes I want to try. I'm definitely going to check out the suggested site!
  • I actually just ordered one of these dehydrators last week and can't wait for it to get in the mail! I didn't realize there might be a noise issue though. Just how noisy is it? Good thing I live alone!
  • I know this is going to sound very left-field but have you tried just not washing at all? The reason I'm asking is that for me, all my acne (and I've had it really bad most of my life) went away when I changed my diet and just stopped washing my fac…
  • I don't have time to get through this whole thread, lol, but I will contribute by saying this: everything in moderation! I'm sure we can all agree with that. If there are large quantities of cashews or dates in a recipe, then I'm sure it's wise to o…
  • I joined this site two weeks ago and still can’t upload a user picture, thought the problem would be fixed by now…
  • I’m having the avatar problem as well, it won’t upload… the page just refreshes itself. Any help?
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