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  • I love my banana spinach smoothies but like to add lemon juice/zest for extra punch!
  • You just have to wait =) Although, it does help to try and slice them thinly. They do take a while. I can`t even imagine how long it takes to dehydrate bananas and melons! Yet I`ve seen people sell raw dried cantelope and melon... Hang in there!
  • Thanks freewitheft for the suggestion. Actually, the master cleanse is the first thing I did when I first changed my diet around. So I got motivated to prepare for a fast (wasn't yet sure if I was going to do a water fast or juice fast or something …
  • Thanks everyone for the replies! Raw_Swede and ReneeGoesRaw - You've got me interested in trying it out with stevia powder! I feel like it would be super tricky to get the quantity down right, but I'm up for the challenge! Missc - I've done the same…
  • Bananas and mango are my favorite, but I also love cantaloupe... and persimmons! It's so hard to get ahold of those ridiculously juicy delicious fruits! I can't wait to try out all the local exotic fruit varieties I'll find during my cross-Canada ro…
  • Ick, just the thought of pizza makes me feel sick. All that oil and the mass of refined flour and "cheese"... ugh! Oh and I meant *extreme* differences. Btw, Swayze I downloaded your ebook the other night and am trying out a raw/fruit diet for a cou…
  • Thanks for your thoughts. I doubt anyone here has seafaring experience with dehydrating foods, but who knows! As for the traveling we'll be doing, I think I did a poor job explaining our plans, which consists of NO plans! We won't be out at sea very…
  • Can you tell me about this friend who spends a good bit of time on a yacht and dehydrates veggies? Maybe I can learn a few things from her since I'm new to living on sailboats and dehydrating food!
  • This is a Very interesting post! I myself don't take any supplements. As for superfoods, I don't really know what to believe (and I'm not entirely sure what and which are superfoods) but I'll try different things and keep eating them in moderate amo…
  • Hi! I'm currently living near Osgoode (about 40 minutes from Ottawa) Ontario for the summer. After living in a small town in Saskatchewan for a while, I was truly happy to see stores like Rainbow Natural Foods and Herb & Spice. I'd love to meet …