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  • You’re sure they were sprouting, not molding?? ;)
  • greenridge – I’ve had problems with a few, but there are some great ones too! Not a fan of the onion soup, for example.
  • ok, good. So I’m not the only one! :) It does have water & lemon juice in it already. I could water it down more or try some agave or cucumber. I have those on hand (and I definitely have left-overs from dinner) so maybe I’ll try one of those th…
  • RawJim – “interesting” meaning… that you don’t personally agree with it’s acceptableness? :) I’m a newbie, but I can see your point if you believe that freezing might affect things, on the opposite end of the spectrum as cooking.
    in Freezing greens? Comment by nikkilds
  • Oooh, good question. I don’t know!
  • I just got off the phone with Seth from Living Nutz (www.livingnutz.com) – I had a question for him about some unpasteurized almonds I’d purchased there. While I had him on the phone though, I asked him about cashew halves & pieces like that – a…
  • Nagev – I’m not concerned about them being in pieces before they hit my mouth. I’m concerned about them being in pieces before I get a chance to germinate them. If they are broken or chopped into pieces while still in the dormant state, that’s less …
  • Umm… I’ve been thinking about this more. Those “really raw” cashews that I bought? They were from eatraw.com … and technically, they are cashew PIECES. So, I realized – they probably won’t germinate anyways if they’re not whole. So, even though they…
  • “cashews are not raw so they won