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  •  Hey-are you a real person? What's the survey link after your post?
  • You could try " Columbus Vegan Meetups" . It's a free group to join and they do meet and have events. Probably some raw vegans in there. Good luck!
  • I'm going to use September 1st as an easy to remember start date- these last two weeks of August I'm going to consider my detox days from my cooked food "cheat" We could message each other every Sunday for encouragement and see how our weeks went. O…
  • Hi! Wow- 97 days is very impressive! I'm on two day raw food now- ended up starting on my own because I didn't think anyone would answer- thank you so much and I'm really glad you did.  My goal is also a long term one. Every year I do raw for a litt…
  • You could be brand new to raw; someone who sometimes need a " boost" like me; or a completely solid in your rawness person that just wants to help!
  • hi kari! I'm not sure when you wrote this but I hope it was recently- I would be down for your 30 day "raw support group!"  I have a very similar story to yours and can proudly say I have cured myself through two things- a workbook called " brain ov…
  • I can totally relate. Get yourself the workbook " Brain over binge recovery guide" by Kathryn Hansen. You will learn sooo much about your brain based eating habits-why you have them, and how to get rid of them! You will not regret it and you can sur…