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  • Why don’t you want to use agave?
    in agave substitution Comment by juicy
  • It makes me sad when people claim we are radical, as many have to me before, because it shows just how crazy the world really is. I am proud of the way I eat, and I know that what I am doing is the best situation for my body and the planet as a whol…
    in Radical lifestyle?? Comment by juicy
  • All I seem to want lately is sugar- so much agave!! Is there such thing as too much? How bad is half of a container in one day?
    in Feeling "Sugary" Comment by juicy
  • I noticed it after one week! Different for everybody though..sometimes the best things are the ones worth waiting for.
  • ENZYMES! that is the difference….research the importance of these and you will have a better understanding of the importance of raw!
  • Nuts always make me bloated- you must soak them for a while before eating them in order to activate their enzymes or de-activate their inhibitors (can’t remember which one) however I just generally stay away from them. I crave watery foods!
  • MEEEEEE! broccoli, as much as I love it, makes me feel so bloated and gassy. I have given it up ;o(
  • I know exactly how you feel! I just fell into the cooked world addiction for 4 days…I felt HORRIBLE the whole time. I would start off the day being raw and fruity and then at night give in to some craving of what people were eating around me. The wh…
  • And I have found similar results with juice fasts. I have done up to two weeks juice fasting and the results are the same as water, just much less uncomfortable.
    in Water Fasting Comment by juicy
  • Hi there. I have done a 7 day water fast before. First off, after about 3 days you will have NO energy to waitress. I mean no energy. By the 7th day it took me 20 minutes to get up about 20 stairs. It is an amazing experience for one that is resting…
    in Water Fasting Comment by juicy
  • I have always believed, and felt, that watermelon is the only of the melons that this rule does not apply. It definitely applies to honey dew and cantaloupe, even more so in my opinion than watermelon. I am very strict about food combining and never…
  • On this topic, I keep reading opinions about raw foodism where people state that they hope eaters of this regime “meet nutritional recommendations”. Are you #@^*ing kidding me?! Worried that we meet them should not even be a concern, not even slight…
  • This is absolutely revolting. I have no idea how this could ever happen and am simply disgusted that I am part of a species that came up with this. We need to organize some type of protest somewhere at a Raw Convention. I think we have to do more th…
  • this is another reason i love this site so much! i would have never known about this whole yurt thing! it is wicked!!!!! i don’t know if this would be a permanent house to me, but definitely an alternative to a cottage type thing when I am older- an…
    in yurt living? Comment by juicy
  • I agree- completely resonated with me. I have been telling people about it since I saw it on welikeitraw- I believe.
  • I am confused- are the young coconuts the one with the brown, hairy like outer shell? I can’t seem to find them anywhere in Toronto and the one i did buy, that was brown & hairy, did not taste good at all!
  • I have had the same thing happen. I also did a water fast and this experience- of trying to breathe really hard to get any air- happened to an extreme. Did you used to smoke? cigarettes or otherwise? I think this is the reason it was happening to me…
  • Funny this topic came up- I am a university student and a Canadian- both of these things scream pot user. I have been smoking 3-4 times a week for years and I really don’t see giving it up in the future. I find that when I am high and lying in bed o…
  • bananas & cantaloupe lol.
    in Grounding raw foods Comment by juicy
  • Try a liver flush. I have been reading about these with regards to their digestion improving characteristics.
    in Raw coaching?? help Comment by juicy
  • exact same situation as smoothielove. how i wish blenders and juicers were quieter so that I could make breakfast early in the morning! going out equals me eating something I would never eat in normal life…I am working on that though! also, grocerie…
    in RAW...in college? Comment by juicy
  • good for you MontrealMommy! I’m in Toronto! Welcome to this wonderful community!
  • The hardest thing for me was in the beginning going 2 weeks 100% raw, then eating something cooked and taking 2 or 3 days to get back into 100% raw again. I hope that if someone else out there going through this reads this, they know that it is norm…
  • lalala- I am exactly the same as you! ps. cute doggy!
  • Reading David Wolfe’s Sunfood Diet Success System is motivation for me! Give it a try.
  • rawclaire- my advice, start a new account under a new name. this is ridiculous and has been for quite some time.
    in I'm Sorry :) Comment by juicy
  • I have heard that foot bath thing is a scam- but who knows!
    in detox foot bath Comment by juicy
  • ahhhhhhh! drunken eating…I have succumbed to this again! I go weeks with out drinking, then go out, get drunk and eat horrible food! I mean SAD typical gross food…not fast food, but might as well have been! I heard recent interview with the raw mode…
    in drunken eating Comment by juicy
  • I am in the same boat! I am in university so binge drinking is the norm…however I have cut back, I am just not ready to give it up completely. Just focus on doing what makes you happy and you will always be living a fulfilled life!
    in drunken eating Comment by juicy
  • I just watched that video on how gum is made- I have been trying to kick the gum habit for a while because I know it is unnatural- however after hearing “synthetically made from a combination of plastic and rubber” I now do not have any problem turn…
    in gum Comment by juicy