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  • I also forgto to mention I practise pranayam everyday for 30-45 min.It helps in stress.My psoriasis was due to stress.
  • I have psoriasis for the last 15 years,not as severe as him,a few patches here and there.And i have gone through all the medicines.Nothing works. Allopathy,homeopathy,ayurveda,panchakarma.I have been a vegetarian all my life. But since starting with…
  • this is a bit off,but try almond butter with a spoon of water and a pinch of turmeric powder.leave on the face and neck for 10-15 min and wash off with warm water.An instant facial effect….
  • Thanks for the site.It is very good and inspiring.I like the way she is handling her kids.Thats what really makes her a super mom
    in super-mom.com Comment by sonali
  • Rachel_akiko, there is a recipe for sunt tea on this site. and it is very good
  • I am a newbie and I did not know this .Thanks for posting this. I found one more article on this http://www.cspinet.org/new/200206251.html This sure makes one run away from cooked food.
  • Thanks Winona for the ideas.I am new to raw.Good for a few days and then back to bread and sugar.I guess will have to stick to only brown rice as cooked food.
    in newby pls hlp Comment by sonali
  • This is a wonderfull thing alas not practised now
  • this is a great topic. I am trying to include raw in my childrens diet aged 6 nd 2 1/2 yr.Its tough to include the greens.Also tough to change the habit of drinking milk.Winona thanks for the blog.
    in Raw for Toddler Comment by sonali
  • I stopped shampooing 13 days ago.My hair are now much softer,no tangles.I am using baking soda and lemon juice.But for the last couple of days I have noticed a lot of hair fall.They are just all over the floor when I comb. Can anyone help me with th…
  • Shikakai is very good for hair.it is an excellent conditioner.it has been used for ages in india.soak 2-3 tbsp in water overnight.use it in the morning.rinse thoroughly as it leaves some particles in the hair which start dropping after the hair has …