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  • When I start doubting, I remind myself that humans (and their pets) are the ONLY creatures on the WHOLE PLANET who ever eat cooked food.
  • Where I work, they sell unprocessed Nori (it looks like the stuff you’d see on one of those colon cleanse sites :/). According to the nutrition panel, 1/3c provides 61% B-12. Does anyone know anything about that? I’m not sure whether or not to belie…
    in B12 in the raw Comment by Evigail
  • I LOVE my magic bullet. My old blender was such a hassle to lug around and clean out that I never bothered making smoothies, and I had nowhere to put the stupid thing, since I live in an apartment. Like suzyq said, they’re perfect for single smoothi…
    in Bullet Blender Comment by Evigail
  • Current research says that excess amino acids are passed in the urine, and not stored the way fat is. That’s why malnourished people tend to lose muscle; since the needed amino acids aren’t available for vital functions, they’re taken from less impo…
  • This site should help if you’re worried: www.nutritiondata.com Each food page has a “protein quality” chart. It lists the nine amino acids that can NOT be produced by the human body and MUST be obtained through food. Here’s the link for bananas. The…
  • Even when you eat complete proteins, your body needs to break them down into amino acids and rearrange them into USEFUL, human-specific proteins. It’s like…building a chair out of legos. A cow-chair won’t be right for a human, but if you take all of…
  • Once again, thank you! I have the perfect recipe to go with the information in this article. It already includes onions, garlic and avocados, and I think I’ll start throwing in dandelion leaves (hey, they’re free) and celery. It shouldn’t alter the …
    in Sodium Comment by Evigail
  • Thank you so much for the information! I definitely have that “acquired taste,” and it has completely overwhelmed my sweet tooth. I would pass up a whole melon for a pinch of salt right now. That post was one I needed to see. I’m out of the habit of…
    in Sodium Comment by Evigail
  • Rawbeginner – I’m glad you’re feeling more optimistic! As for permanent damage—well, my hair grew back both of the times that I corrected the problem. I grumble about the whisps growing everywhere, but seeing them really puts me at ease. The shower …
  • I’m going to address the hair thing, since I’ve never had a problem with protein. What you’re going through has happened to me twice. I’ve always had very thick hair (and I secretly loved it). When I went vegan for the first time, it started falling…
  • How much was your typical SAD food bill? My mother spends at least $160 every time she goes shopping, since she can’t walk by the meat and cereal aisles without buying anything that happens to be on sale—even if she doesn’t need it. I buy my own foo…
    in Grocery Bill!! Comment by Evigail
  • Oh, these are SO good. I just soak them and eat them with a spoon. :)
  • Capricorn! (Leo Rising/Moon)
  • Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but raw hemp seeds have 10% iron per tablespoon.
  • Two years ago, I managed to grow a massive plantar wart right on the pad of my big toe. (I can’t remember which foot it was on, because there isn’t even a scar now.) He was a really painful sucker, especially when I went running, and I ended up inju…
    in warts -- advice? Comment by Evigail