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  • There are a couple of key elements missing from what others have written: the laxative tea at night before bed and the salt water flush first thing in the AM. These are the key factors that will help eliminate what the lemon and cayenne are loosenin…
  • maybe hazelnuts - there are so many varieties. Some are hardier than others. They also grow as bush varieties, so easier to maintain and put netting around to keep rodents and birds from eating your harvest. second the recommendation to ask your loc…
    in Nut trees? Comment by newbie
  • I use blue/green algae (E3Live) and chia seeds (about 2 tbs). These are full of protein and give me endurance during strenuous workouts.
  • You can buy gluten-free oats, but common oats (Quaker, etc) are not gluten free. The issue is with cross-contamination. They often use the same field equipment to gather oats as they do with wheat and process in the same facilities. My son is gluten…
    in gluten free oats Comment by newbie
  • glad to hear it's gone! btw, you'll notice another smell with MSM - the smelliest gas until you get used to it. :-) TMI?
  • Hi Glam, it contains L. rhamnosus, L. acidophilus, L. caseii, Bifidobacterium longum and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) (short- and long-chain). Each capsule provides 4 billion live microorganisms! I think it's really awesome for restoring good bacte…
  • I am currently dealing with yeast. The herbalist that is helping me suggested a candida cleanse followed by flooding your system with probiotics. I'm in the middle of a colon cleanse and will do the candida cleanse next month, but have already start…
  • I can usually find them 2 for $1 in VA (but not organic)
    in Price for mangoes? Comment by newbie
  • During winter (in addition to what you listed), I can still find collards, different types of kale [curley, flat, dinosaur (I think it’s called)], chard (many types), cilantro, bok choi and other cabbages, celery, beet greens, turnip greens, mustard…
  • I know they’re big on parsley and edible weeds (to name a few)
  • are you sure you have to leave CA? my rule of thumb is that you have to spend at least one year somewhere before deciding whether or not to leave. you can’t really give it a fair chance with less than one year.. (IMO)
  • I think presentation helps a lot too. For example, he might like those apple-pancakes with the smiley faces (on this site). I made “apple cups” for my 4 year old today and he loved it. I took an apple, cut in half, scooped out the core, filled it wi…
  • did I miss it or anyone else notice that he didn’t reference a source for his claim? I’m always leery of opinions that are being passed as fact. “Show me the Study!”
  • I was thinking of doing the same thing – so count me in!!!! Not for any particular reason other than I fell off the wagon and am ready to get back on. :-)
  • if you search the recipes for “almond pulp”, you can find a few recipes, like this one: http://goneraw.com/recipes/464-Almond-Orange-Co…
  • you may also want to learn how to say “no MSG” as it is used widely in these countries. you’re lucky that there will be tons of fresh fruit/veg, but be careful about the lettuces/greens due to contamination with dirty water. I got sick in VN from ea…
    in Thailand! Comment by newbie
  • you can always buy a RO countertop system that you can take with you when you move
  • you’re only 22! I think a break from the relationship sounds good. if you’re meant to be together, then it will happen over time. Remain friends, but take a break. I agree, you might want to focus on yourself for a while. Smile and try to be happy. …
  • jenoz, can you describe how you collect rain water? I’ve been interested in this but haven’t found a method that seems viable for collecting the amounts I would need. Also, how did you connect the filter to your rain water system? Maybe you can star…
  • if you want to go the expensive route, the Sprout People have trays, seeds, and other supplies, as well as tips on growing: http://www.sproutpeople.com/seed/odds.html
  • how do you know they’re packed in formaldehyde?
  • I believe it’s the cyanide content that’s the issue with the kernel. However, you can safely consume small amounts, like what is contained in a single nectarine pit. Nectarine, peach, apricot pits and apple/pear seeds also contain vitamin B17, which…
  • have you tried searching on localharvest.org? from my initial search, it shows several farms in your area: http://www.localharvest.org/search.jsp?st=109&t… check it out! :-)
  • I’ve tried to transition my SAD cat to raw unsuccessfully. I’ve tried just giving raw meat and also buying the expensive raw pet foods, but he just smells it and walks away. He is probably 7 – 8 years old (not exactly sure since he was adopted from …
  • Oh, that’s too bad. When I found out about how bad Chiquita was, I stopped buying those bananas. For smoothies, I most often use berries (all kinds), pear, apples, and dates. The dates are the only things that don’t grow locally where I live, but th…
  • Plantains – yes you can eat them raw and they have higher nutritional value than regular bananas (ref http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts/fruits-and-f…. You have to wait until they turn black, but they have a wonderful sweet/tart flavor. When ripe, t…
  • have you tried early morning exercise? once you get into the routine, you naturally wake up and are ready to get out of bed
  • Sorry, I don’t know how to ripen bananas faster other than the brown bag method, but here’s a thought. Bananas are high in potassium and so are dates. If you’re craving a banana, but can’t have one, try eating a bunch of dates. It may satisfy what y…
  • I’ve been wondering what else passed with the bail-out bill. What little tidbit was hidden among the financial costs and did not get mentioned in the media, but will affect us all profoundly? What else got passed in the shadows of the big bill?
  • MOTH – so glad the link has helped. Yay! I wish I could do something similar, but given my situation, I’m thinking more along the lines of local organic farms. I envy where you are in life – so exciting. Go for it!!
    in Life Worth Living Comment by newbie