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  • Did you cut caffeine suddenly? Sometimes it takes a few weeks to get over, especially if you slip and re-introduce it into your diet after you are weaned. Detox all over again... :(
  • The best thing to do is wrap them in wax paper individually and refrigerate them in a sealed container. I make mine with almonds, dates, and honey.... and they never last long enough because I eat them all too quickly haha. But I supposed you could …
  • Eloisa I'm super excited for you, too! I know you're going to love it. I was doing 811 while I was training, and I do think it helped a lot with my energy and recovery. I was about 95% raw... occasionally having a latte or some tea. I had the best r…
  • soak yourself in an epsom salt bath and work some flax into that diet, homie just finished my first marathon in july... big rush! good luck!
  • Yes! What a great topic to bring up, powerlifter! I love how energized I feel after dry brushing. And also idk if anyone else has noticed, but it definitely helps with muscle definition if you do it every day :)
    in Dry Skin Brushing Comment by susan121
  • I'm thinking the same thing jbanana... I only ran 6 miles today but on an empty stomach that puts me at a huge calorie deficit. I'm sure even if I feel fine today, a few more days of this is gonna wear me out. I tried to get in about 300 calories wo…
    in no appetite Comment by susan121
  • I took a break yesterday, but I don't feel tired or worn out at all so I'll probably train today. I guess I'm just gonna wait til it comes back on it's own. Maybe my body needs a break from food.
    in no appetite Comment by susan121
  • I feel good and normal except for the worrying over not eating. In the past month I've lost about 20 lbs from marathon training and I don't want to lose muscle from not eating. I feel the same way today. tried to eat a plum this morning and spit it …
    in no appetite Comment by susan121
  • So.... I think I'll go ahead and commit goneraw suicide. I say have the fish if your body is really craving it. Having a meal of fish is not going to hurt you.... I know I'm supposed to tell you to eat raw all the time and things that aren't raw are…
  • Oh, and I forgot you can mix fresh fruits with greens. Pretty much anything can be mixed with leafy greens. Dried fruits and nuts/seeds go together (and you can eat bananas with these as well). And don't mix avocados with nuts/seeds!
  • It's pretty simple. Natalia's idea is pretty much eat whatever you want in the right order. And it does work. When I first started raw, I was eating about 4000 calories a day (in the right combo) and I still lost 12 lbs the first month. Basically, e…
  • YES YES YES just try it... it's blisssssssssss
  • Green chai!
    in Green Tea Comment by susan121
  • Hate to be that annoying person who says eat more fruit... but hey, eat more fruit! I know it's higher in calories, but if you just eat fruits and green you will see weight fall off a lot faster than it does just eating a low-cal diet. And small mea…
    in Weight loss :) Comment by susan121
  • I've been barefoot running almost every day since I posted this, and wow is it fun. I find I can run a lot longer when I don't wear shoes. So far, the only "injury" I've sustained has been getting a giant thorn stuck in my next-to-big toe. And even …
    in Running & 811 Comment by susan121
  • I tried it tonight.... my feet are already sore but it was pretty exhilarating! I think I'm just gonna run barefoot for fun and keep training in shoes, just because I'm running the marathon in shoes. Thanks for the barefoot tip!
    in Running & 811 Comment by susan121
  • Oh, I keep reading about barefoot running. Maybe I'll try it soon! The places I run are mostly dirt roads and wooded areas, so I may have to invest in some VFFs (I need an excuse to buy some anyway :P).
    in Running & 811 Comment by susan121
  • Yeah, I'm going to second that you're vomiting and diarrhea are probably caused by taking a strong antibiotic. If you are taking a very strong antibiotic, particularly amoxicillin, it WILL cause you to have diarrhea and vomiting. If you take it on a…
  • Dole specifies that it doesn't use made gas to ripen their organic bananas, but as someone who works in the produce industry, I can tell you not to take their word for it. Right now, organics aren't being regulated nearly as strictly as conventional…
    in bananas Comment by susan121
  • I use now msm, too. And for the coconut oil, sometimes i smear it on with a cotton pad over my whole eye area and sometimes I just use my fingers to rub it onto my lashes. It's easy... just close your eyes... and it doesn't burn if you do get a litt…
    in eyelashes Comment by susan121
  • It took about 3 weeks for me to be like "wow, this is really working" but then I always say give a supplement 30 days to work before you judge its worth!
    in eyelashes Comment by susan121
  • http://www.evolutionhealth.com/msm-powder.htm I have used MSM both in powder and capsule form. Both work wonders!
    in eyelashes Comment by susan121
  • Being raw makes you smell better generally (breath, underarms, less BO), so I'd imagine it'd help with your vadge too! I've never dated anyone raw, so IDK about taste, but again I'd say it would taste better than someone who eats dead carcass!
  • Great news! I love when stuff like that happens!
  • P is for Pluot! I know some people are against hybrid fruit, but these things are just so delicious I can't stop when I get going on them! I had some last summer that tasted like cotton candy! On to the facts: A Pluot is a hybridization of a plum an…
    in Fruit Game :) Comment by susan121
  • Durianrider, the three friends I was with got it too and that's the only thing in common we ingested. Your scoffs and dismissal for any slightly negative comment made about fruit is pretty funny to me, too. Glad we can make each other laugh :)
  • You could be at risk for Hep A if you are eating imported fruits... I got Hep A in Guatemala last summer from eating contaminated pitaya. It caused a ton of liver problems, among others, but they were brief and I'm considered fully recovered at this…
  • Hey pretz! Just wanted to commend you for making the effort to understand what works with your body! :) you'll figure it out soon I'm sure!
    in Getting fat Comment by susan121
  • Used to be a fan of the acv/tea tree oil method. Don't get me wrong, they both work wonders if used correctly, but they are really harsh and after a while my face just couldn't take it anymore. Peeling, redness, dryness, etc. SO, I followed the advi…
    in acne and red skin Comment by susan121