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  • Maple syrup as a chocolate sweetener is superior to agave in taste and nutrition, and it won't affect the consistency of your chocolate negatively. Maple syrup has super high mineral content. Make sure you get the darkest stuff possible. Personally …
  • I got really horribly sick once since I went raw. I was camping. I recovered more quickly than I ever have. I blame: Ginger lemonade. Drank the stuff all day. Tons of sunlight/fresh air. Tons of water with oregano oil. Oranges. Pineapple. What most …
    in Sick, help! Comment by alexa.
  • superfood, this is the same flawed logic that you employed in our discussion a while back. She's not saying that eggs and fish are the only way to keep her body, skin and mind at their best. Other animal products might bring about similar improvemen…
    in Meat Comment by alexa.
  • I have read that about maple syrup, but thanks anyway. I know the stuff I get is produced with vegetable oil and has no filler sweeteners added. Obviously maple syrup isn't raw but at least it isn't toxic and has lots of uncommon minerals in it. Was…
    in agave syrup! Comment by alexa.
  • Seems like you're biased toward the information because Mercola isn't a vegan. He doesn't even mention honey in the article. I think you're reading a bit too much into it. Personally, I think agave is disgusting. It makes me feel terrible, produce a…
    in agave syrup! Comment by alexa.
  • The only things that have ever helped my acne are fasting (juice or water), liver flushing, oil of oregano and sunlight
    in acne and red skin Comment by alexa.
  • As if their business practices, projected message and the history of the company in general were not reason enough to avoid buying their products.
    in Kellogs Cereal? Comment by alexa.
  • I can't imagine what sort of reaction you'd have if you considered what actually touches the fruit and veggies you eat before you do. Worrying about this is paranoid, to put it bluntly.
  • "Start keeping a food diary"- This is a good idea. There are lots of web apps to help you with that, along with calculating your nutrition. Good way to address multiple possibilities.
    in Raw Fish? Comment by alexa.
  • I did address that. You should read my posts!: "No, I am not suggesting that. I'm suggesting that these nutrients are present in all animal products, and eggs are the only animal product that actually can be humane entirely. There are fundamental fl…
    in Raw Fish? Comment by alexa.
  • Superfood, why does this have to get personal? I am not saying bad things about vegans! I love vegans. I was a vegan for a long time, and I still very much have the mentality of a vegan (although you may get on my case for that statement). I think i…
    in Raw Fish? Comment by alexa.
  • You are being very hostile. I love the vegan philosophy, and if I can do something to minimize my use of animal products, I do. I am still an animal myself, and just like every other animal, preserving my life and well-being is most important to me.…
    in Raw Fish? Comment by alexa.
  • Well, she asked for advice on a forum full of people who were going to tell her that her cravings for fish were simply her own weakness, and I wanted to give her an alternative standpoint, as I was in her shoes not too long ago. I think what I sugge…
    in Raw Fish? Comment by alexa.
  • Yeah, parasites are a big problem. Probably my main issue about eating fish. But you consume parasites every day- on fruit and veggies, in your water, and just from being around other living creatures. You have thousands in you at any given time. Th…
    in Raw Fish? Comment by alexa.
  • Thanks for insulting me, as if I never did as simple google search on vegan DHA/EPA while I was vegan. Yes, I tried algae. It doesn't work, neither do flax oils and similar things. They are not bioavailable, and you would have to consume ridiculous …
    in Raw Fish? Comment by alexa.
  • *If you plan on making a fuss about me discussing animal foods, don't read this post (even though ignoring certain types of information is plain stupid).* Are you a vegan, or just a vegetarian? If you're a vegetarian, you are getting your required l…
    in Raw Fish? Comment by alexa.
  • 1) Nope, never have, may try it if I feel inclined to do so. 2) Compared to other drugs, it is pretty useless and harmful. Just because of it's legal status, the general consensus is that it is okay in moderation, but if I were to bring up something…
  • You can make orgone devices yourself if they are too expensive. Look for some tutorials.
  • I think this is definitely something to be concerned about. Laptops are by far the biggest danger. They have very little casing to prevent radiation from escaping, where as desktops offer more protection. Having a laptop on your body is like carryin…
  • I'm 16, and I've been lucky enough to travel around a little bit in the past year, since I'm legally an adult now. I lived on Long Island, NY all my life, and it's not a good setting. I tried something drastically different this summer, and moved to…
  • Totally agree. I often find myself sugar coating what I have to say here subconsciously because that seems to be expected. It's kind of a nice break from the constant bickering I find on most forums, but at the same time it makes things feel a littl…
  • Thanks! I worked a long time on it. Enjoying leftovers now. Superfood, I think I may do something similar next year- I'll probably feel much better afterwards : )
    in Thanksgiving Meals! Comment by alexa.
  • http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/5255/thanksgivingdinner.jpg : ) Turned out great. In order: Stuffing, Stuffed Mushrooms, Turkey Sandwich, Cheesy Broccoli Casserole, Cranberry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes.
    in Thanksgiving Meals! Comment by alexa.
  • Oh, I almost forgot- I added a bit of cauliflower for the texture too.
    in Thanksgiving Meals! Comment by alexa.
  • I actually made the pine nut parsnip mashed potatoes yesterday, and I found that adding some nutritional yeast and black pepper along with a bit of sweetener made them much better.
    in Thanksgiving Meals! Comment by alexa.
  • Used to take Vitamin Code multis long before I went raw. They made a big difference for me- the kind of energy one might get from a fruit smoothie. I like them. Next best thing to getting them from food.
    in RAW Vitamins? Comment by alexa.
  • I used to drink unbelievable amounts of caffeine! Think 2 energy drinks in the morning (not Red Bull, I'm talking about those 16 oz cans of Monster) and then I would go to Starbucks and have a drink with 3 shots of espresso (sometimes 6, or 9, or 12…
  • That's a pretty bold statement, considering we are animals, and there are many animals that eat like we do (or like we're intended to by nature at least.) Closely related frugivores (primates) eat a species specific diet. Whatever makes you feel the…
  • I'm pretty skeptical of the whole "eat right for your type" movement. All animals have different blood types. They still eat species specific diets, not blood type specific diets. I know you say it worked well for you, but is that not just because i…
  • A lot of people who have had eating disorders seem to gravitate toward raw, but personally I think this is because: A) They have been much more involved in the food they eat. Many of them have nutritionists and learn about what they consume, and raw…