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  • oh my gosh…...i think we all need to learn how to forage as well….
  • brigette mars’ “rawsome” was very good for me, i think she has the most helpful and informative sprouting chart i’ve come across. also the books by the boutenko kids, “eating without heating” and i think the new one is called “fresh”. wonderful reci…
  • i have the blendtec home model as well. totally worth it. i love that thing. and i definitely recommend investing in a vita-mix or blendtec before getting anything else. it’s really amazing the number of tasks these machines can handle, and my blend…
  • congratulations! and you do indeed look fabulous. i’m about to hit 41 myself so if there are any encouraging raw menopausal stories out there bring them on…. i’m more than ready to get off this crazy menstrual carousel!
  • i love to sing the old time songs but i’m a little shy… when i can really let it out it feels good though. i also play the ukulele which is a lot of fun….
  • THANK YOU for bringing this up!I’ve been mostly raw for nearly 2 years now and every time I go to %100 i’ve had the same problem and end up sliding back to a little bit of cooked food just to slow down.Especially if I double up on green smoothies wh…
  • i just had a bad fall myself down a flight of subway stairs….bloody nose, cut up black eye, bruises all over my body and the lovely twisted left ankle….THANK GOODNESS it wasn’t worse than it was, and i’ve been mending faster than i usually do as i d…
  • hi! i’m new here and i love your posts carmentina! i’m moving to n.corolina soon and am looking forward to the bit of space which will afford line drying for me…...my mom was a line drier and there is nothing to compare with the smell of things that…