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  • Overuse of salt is one cause, not enough water or irregular sleep. Make sure you're eating enough fats also.
  • 1: What country are you from? Russia originally, now living in Canada. 2: What's your occupation? Self Employed in the Arts 3: How long have you been Raw? 2 years on and off 4: Favourite Film? Anything by Werner Herzog or Wes Anderson 5: If you were…
  • Hmmm, that address isn't working. Is there another way? I've been trying for months but no reply or different contact information! This is getting ridiculous. Anybody else having trouble?
  • Thanks I'll try that :)
  • I've had sore gums once in awhile too. Athough I don't think it was gingivitis, what really helps me is while brushing my teeth, is to brush my gums with my toothbrush slowly in circles (not the sore spots) to promote circulation for healing. That's…
    in sore gums Comment by shawnie
  • You can try rotating your greens after taking a break from them. Sometimes I eat too much spinach and can't handle even looking at it anymore. Try to not eat the same thing 3 days in a row. Or try different recipes such as wraps or whatnot.
  • Demi Moore used to be apparently, but I read she stopped because she didn't want her kids to become obsessive with body image and eat what they want... : /
    in Raw Celebs? Comment by shawnie
  • I went through the same thing a couple of years ago where I wanted to throw everything out. My boyfriend thought I was nuts but loved the results once we organized and decluttered. Even today we're striving for a minimalist home free of knick knacks…
    in Living Simply Comment by shawnie
  • From what I've read, grey hair can be reversed with B12, Copper or Zinc rich foods.
    in Grey Hair Comment by shawnie
  • Eating aloe seems like a good idea. I have two large plants in my home right now. How much would you suggest adding?
  • Interesting, I've never heard of tissue salts! I'll have to read more on them... The only avocado oil that's available around here is cooked and very processed. I'll look into buying some online once my coconut oil runs out.
  • Well I guess I don't have to worry about bumping this thread. I've marked these low life posts as offensive, if you can too that would be great so we can actually talk about this topic. Wow, some people just have no lives...
  • ameliawilder18 - Wow I didn't even think about how witch hazel can be so drying. It's expensive and I go through lots of it so cutting down will definetly help out our budget! swayze - I used to do the same thing but felt that the dry brush was almo…
  • Great suggestions! I'll have to try tea tree oil, keep using coconut oil for my eye area and I LOVE the idea of coconut oil blended with Aloe, I've had great results with aloe on my skin. Thanks so much!
  • Okra is great aswell.
  • For me condoms used to feel too rubbery, but my partner and I now use "thinner" condoms and they feel MUCH better. Not to mention you don't have to do anything to prepare, or worry, he slaps it on and we're good to go! No hormones, no implants. Ther…
    in Birth Control Comment by shawnie
  • joannabanana, losing your period is not a good thing. This means your body is lacking something (usually fat) and uses its energy to perform other basic functions. You should really look including more healthy fats into your diet, from avocados and …
    in Coming Clean Comment by shawnie
  • I agree with most of the comments. It's exciting when you learn something new and want to share it with other people. I did the same thing with the no shampoo and soap thing, but people just gave me strange looks haha. Now that you know how your mot…
    in Coming Clean Comment by shawnie
  • Drink more water... Do not drink and eat at the same time as it lowers the acid in your stomach. Instead, drink at least 1/2 hour before you eat, and don't drink for an hour after. If your bf doesn't eat a lot of raw foods, he needs more water and f…
    in Really Dry Skin Comment by shawnie
  • I agree with Blue_Eyes, I have also been following queenfluffs advice, she is very knowledgable. Right now I only wash with water about once a week and apply coconut oil at the ends if they are dry. Washing with sage helps too for shine. As for spli…
    in hair Comment by shawnie
  • Joannabanana, here's a link to more information about Candida and a simple spit test you can do: http://www.holistichelp.net/candida.html I know I sometimes break out into these small red dots on my legs if I am working up a sweat but they usually g…
  • It's called acne mapping. Someone posted a link on it awhile ago and I saved the info but not the link. Here's a link to a site I just found that gives a diagram for face acne mapping: http://skinacea.com/acne/face_map.htm
  • If you have acne on your chest, shoulders or back it signifys a Candida infection (Yeast infection) and should be treated internally rather than just externally or else your symptoms will come back. Also understand that there's been facial mapping o…
  • (I’ve never had luck with teas)
  • Thank you! I’m so happy how more informed I’ve become about not only food and lifestlye, but products and consumer things in general! Even if I’ve helped encourage one person, that makes me happy :)
    in Hang in there! Comment by shawnie
  • It’s good to know I don’t have some sort of hand sweat issue haha. I’ll look into both the ecomat and getting a trainer to come for a few hours. I bought a video from Walmart (yuck) last night and it’s not what I wanted at all. It’s just a regular w…
  • Izhpt – a sauna once a week seems like a good call. There’s a spa not too far from here, I should call and see if they have any sort of packages for the sauna… I know they have a dry sauna and a wet come, I’m not sure about infrared though, I’ll hav…
  • Wow, that’s great that you guys try to keep fit regularly. My naturopath recommended I start Ashtanga Yoga so I bought some introductory videos a bit ago. The only issue I have is in the “downward dog” pose, my hands get all sweaty and I start slidi…
  • I think the best rule is to try and keep fruit and vegetables seperate during meals. Fats and greens go well together. Never drink while eating, drink 1/2 hour before meals, and wait at least 1 hour after to drink. If you’re thirsty while eating, it…
  • Just bumping this topic! I wasn’t sure about the green bags, but from what I read they seem like a good investment. I’m looking forward to hearing more ideas!