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  • LUV skin brushing! check this link out i really like all the info…..... http://www.naturalhealthtechniques.com/HealingT…
    in Skin Brushing Comment by luvmangos
  • This is from the website where i usually get my MSM if i dont get it from my HFS. I just know that sulfur is very important for the body and hard for us to get from food. Hope this helps a little. If you search,msm powder, i have found lots of testi…
    in Anyone take MSM? Comment by luvmangos
  • I get vegan liquid soap from my HFS, Dr. Bonners, and just add some MSM and soap to a small container and use the mixture.
    in Anyone take MSM? Comment by luvmangos
  • I use MSM in my face wash, body soap and shampoo and conditioner ( not all the time). It is best w/ OJ i have found because it is so bitter. I usually add some honey to it as well. I have tried others ways to drink it(almond mylk, tea, water, lemon …
    in Anyone take MSM? Comment by luvmangos
  • I have seen a lot of juice recipes w/ parsely for energy(cucumber and parsely i think) but havent tried it yet. I bought a bunch the other day and made a pseudo pesto w/ spinich, parsely, basil, evoo, garlic and cant remember what else and it was so…
    in Parsley Comment by luvmangos
  • You can make almond butter with it
  • Thanks so much! I have been told that my body is most likely absorbing more but i still dont feel ‘normal’ i just feel heavy. you have been a big help. i have thought about getting a tea to help during the fast
    in Fasting question Comment by luvmangos
  • Not really, it hasnt changed that much. over the past two weeks i have not eaten hardly any dehydrated foods and nothing has changed yet. I eat mostly fruit and salads. i just dont get what i am missing….....
    in Fasting question Comment by luvmangos
  • I used to go to the bathroom like 4 times a day now it is only like once a day
    in Fasting question Comment by luvmangos
  • Thanks socal, i dont take it that way. I want info from as many sources as possible. I am new to this so all is helpful. thanks
    in fruitarian Comment by luvmangos
  • I am pretty much the same. I love salads and cannot give them up and i wont. I do the smoothies, juicing, etc but 10-15 bananas a day what else do you eat besides bananas and how do you space this out? I guess i just havent been eating enough latele…
    in fruitarian Comment by luvmangos
  • It is such a pain about nuts and their labeling. I have given up on alot of them. Pinenuts and macadamia nuts are expensive and so i usually stick to walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumkin seeds if any. Even now, alomds are such an issue. sniffle sniff…
  • Yes, that is one of my ideas too. Thats awesome thanks. Do i need to line it with something? I cleaned the inside out pretty well. I am just curious on it rotting or making something served inside taste funny.
  • I have been keeping mine in the freezer, just in case. Is that ok? I have used mine up in at least a week to week and 1/2 and have had no problem.
    in Almond pulp Comment by luvmangos
  • Hey-checked out your website. Interesting stuff…....learn something new everyday i like to say. The pics of the foods are unbelievable, too bad i live in Virginia….
  • I still havent tried kombucha but i love yerba mate. Here’s my question, sorry if this is dense of me, how are you all making the tea? Are you making it like regular tea (boil water let the tea bags steap) and not drinking it hot? What about raw, he…
    in Kombucha Tea Comment by luvmangos
  • Rawalla-do you ever add MSM to the jojoba? I know it is the best carrier of MSM and didnt know if anyone had any results from doing this
  • its the skin that has been grated. you can use lime zest, lemon zest, any citrus fruit. its a great way to add a kick of flavor or to garnish
  • i would like to know more as well. checkout this website: http://www.fruitarian.com/ay/Fruit_groups.htm It has a list of fruits (acid, sweet, subacid etc) and that has helped me not to combine them too much.
    in Food Combining Comment by luvmangos