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  • I read that a shot of fresh ginger juice will warm the body. I bought some last night and intend to try it tonight.
  • If I drink fresh-squeezed green juice within 24 hours I don't notice too much difference. I'll make 1.5 quarts a day, drink a glass after I make it and save the rest for the next two meals. It tastes better right after I make it. I notice a distinct…
  • I believe in doing this 100% also. However my ignorance didn't allow me to do this overnight, it was a process. I read books (David Wolfe), searched sites like this (www.thegardendiet.com) but didn't know HOW at first to make the change without star…
  • I drank green smoothies with banana and ginger every day for over a year before my tastes for these was sated. I began to crave more greens and less sweet. Now my favorite smoothie is made with a mixture of about 80% greens (ranked in order of curre…
  • I bought a refurbished one year ago. The pitcher leaked so I returned it (twice!). They were very nice and quickly replaced it and paid for all postage and handling on both returns. I suggest that when you receive your model after you unpack the ble…
    in Vita-Mix 5200 Comment by shortnotgold
  • not to burst anyone’s bubble but I don’t agree with the whole concept of “living water” from a chemical or biological point of view. From wikipedia.org I found the following regarding the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto: Commentators have criticized Emoto …
    in Living Water Comment by shortnotgold
  • My base recipe for GS is 3 handfuls of greens to 2 handfuls of fruits. My favorite greens are spinach, kale, parsley, and collards (cheap greens in the south right now!). My favorite fruits are strawberries, bananas, pineapple, kiwis, and mangos. I …
  • I started today with breakfast. I just finished lunch and I’m out of my normal day’s upply of GS. I’ll make another batch around 3:00 and that should do me for the rest of the day and maybe tomorrow. (each batch is about 6 cups). I am going to try t…
  • I’d like to try this. I may start this morning since I’ve not made my daily GS yet. Here goes…..
  • I use the vitamix for my green smoothies. I haven’t used the juicer (Green Star) since I got the vitamix. However I will start to use the juicer for processing things like sprouted beans for hummus before putting them in the food processor.
  • It’s interesting but I’d rather freeze it than boil it or throw it away in the trash. I’m not sure how enzymes are affected by cold temperatures.
  • Cary, NC (just outside of Raleigh)
  • I spend an average of $75/week but that includes non-food items (toilet paper, cleaning supplies, pet food, etc.) just for me. It probably runs about 40/week for the produce.