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  • This is not related to apricots, however I though you might find this interesting. http://www.hulu.com/watch/67878/the-future-of-food If you have the time (1 1/2 hours) please watch this film. I think you will find the connection between pesticide c…
  • Are you truly "ruffing it"? Because we tent camp on electric and water sites. It that's what you do, I have 2 words for you.... Magic Bullet!! I love mine. So small and compact. Plus it's easy to clean with a hose on the campsite! Have fun.
  • I'm from the Chicagoland area, and I have to say, something must be wrong with Karyn's water. Chicago water is pretty good. In no way should there be a fish smell. I haven't eaten there yet, but I'm not sure I want to now :) Downtown waitstaff can g…
    in KARYN'S RAW Comment by kiwiandme
  • Great when can I move in Pirawna! ahahaha
  • Wow these are all wonderful ideas! I would really love a banana hanger. The parsley bouquet idea is great! Does anyone have a Magic Bullet? I love that silly thing for my morning smoothie.
  • I don't know you personally Zinfandel , but I do know that the members of Goneraw have been the key to my success with raw. Please don't leave, newbies like me need you for your vast knowledge! Plus, who else in "real life" understands how fun it is…
  • WoW! Thank you so much. I bet I will feel better when I conquer myself :) I bet the more I do it the better at it I will get. I will try to always remember how stuffed and yucky I feel now!
    in Ug Comment by kiwiandme
  • Thanks so much superfood2 you really cleared things up for me. I could handle 16 oz every 2-3 hours or so.
    in How many oz? Comment by kiwiandme
  • WOW! really that much?! I had no idea. I love the kale smoothie with mango, pinapple, banana, kale, ice and water. Would that be a healthy choice? I do have a juicer so I can do both, but I don't think I could drink 16oz of a smoothie every hour. Is…
    in How many oz? Comment by kiwiandme
  • I wondering why I wouldn't digest the fiber?
    in How many oz? Comment by kiwiandme
  • but if there is fiber taken out then won't I be getting more calories? I thought that fiber would be good. How many oz's should I drink? I have a problem, I listen to my head not my stomach.
    in How many oz? Comment by kiwiandme
  • Maybe I'm gross, but I kind of like the smell. A body needs to sweat.
  • I emailed the shop owner for you pixx. She said that she was sorry. She does have them available for $4 a piece. She is going to put them back up, but for the time being you can email her through her website to order one. Make sure you ask for the f…
  • Try www.bee-simple.com it's awesome. I love the fresh scent.
  • Have you tried a netipot? www.neti-pot.com or you can make your own with a tea pot. They work great!
  • I did read your bio rawkarategirl. I discovered that you are only 13 years old. The only advice any of us should be giving you is to talk to your parents or your doctor first. No one should ever try to lose 10lbs to quickly. It is just not healthy.
    in need some help. Comment by kiwiandme
  • I read a little about candida just now. I never heard of it before Goneraw. How come so many people on GR have candida? How can I prevent this?
    in DETOXing..... Comment by kiwiandme
  • haha! Sorry to hear. That was nice of you to share.
  • I really have eaten quit healthy too. I did limit myself to 1 serving a cereal or a piece of bread a day. I think it may just be all the fiber. I was looking for dressing recipes for you on GR and all full of nuts, ug! So many nuts!
  • Thanks again everyone. Is it a good plan to just eat? Just east losts of fruits and vegetable whenever I want, and when I am hunger. I really don't like planning much. I like to go with the flow. I am nuts about watermelon right now too! Did you exp…
  • Can you give me an example of all the food you might eat in a day of 80-10-10?
  • Thanks everyone!
  • Can anyone tell me how to get more information about 80-10-10? My husband is out of work right now (who isn't right?), and I can't afford to purchae the book. My library doesn't have it :(
  • My husband made a wonderful dehydrator for us. It doesn't have a fan. It has one bulb at the bottom, with vents at the bottom and top. The heat rises. It usually stays at a perfect 108 degrees on all 6 trays! Plus, it is so beautiful like a piece of…
    in Good dehydrator? Comment by kiwiandme
  • Please just remember to find out if the plastic contains BPA. It's very bad for you!
    in Good dehydrator? Comment by kiwiandme