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  • OH MAN….I know how you feel. People ask me all the freakin time…why this, why that. It gets on my nerves.
    in VENTING! Comment by monale
  • Lovin’ my sunshine. why dont you eat seedless watermelon?
  • Thank you Bluedolfin, appreciate your input.
  • I feel great and energized! This raw diet is truly a miracle. I’m 26 years old and i really wish i would of known about this diet years ago, cause i would of changed my life around then. I feel wonderful knowing that I’m not eating any animal or its…
  • What about different kinds of squash and zucchini? Can i eat those raw?
  • thanks, i appreciate your response, what would be a good substitution for the vita mix or is there one. is there a sub for the excalibur or no not really are they both worth buying?????
  • Is there anywhere to buy a vita-mix other than online? I’m in Austin Texas and i want to go buy one right now. Same question for the excalibur dehydrator and does anyone also know if the excalibur is loud when turned on?
  • Hello Everyone, i am new to the raw food world and i was wondering how long i soak and dehydrate nuts for? I have cashews, pecans, almonds, pine, and macadamia nuts. Please help…..Also i read in my raw cookbook that the floaters are supposed to be r…