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  • Yes, I tried some in my smoothie this morning, and the taste is negligible. Also, I used some in a salad for the first time - divine!
  • Hey there, I posted about a raw Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. I made a raw apple pie with raw cashew cream! Yum! :-) You can find the recipes here: http://barefootandfrolicking.blogspot.com/2009/10/vegan-thanksgiving.html
  • well, I made an interesting recipe for 'pumpkin pie bars', sort of by default. I watched the clip I mention above, but they don't mention the measurements of the ingredients. plus, I improvised and added some other ingredients, such as brazil nuts, …
  • I just watched this video from Kevin Gianni/Renegade Health show: Looks interesting!
  • I just made a raw apple pie with whipped cashew cream for Thanksgiving! Apples are fantastic. I agree with the applesauce idea, nothing is better than fresh applesauce:-) Mmmm!  
  • I have just tried over the past few days to omit beans from my diet (I have been 70-80% raw since January 2009 - the only things I've really stuck to were soy products and nuts). I have omitted soy products and beans completely over the past few day…
  • I find I crave bananas as my main source of 'carbs'. On average, I eat about 4-5 a day. I'm glad to hear that others eat as many/more! :-)
  • in terms of SAD food, I can't digest dairy, eggs, wheat (or any wheat related items, even spelt), breads, refined anything etc. But I'm sure that is a given with the majority of people on raw food diets:-)
  • I find that cabbage is really bad for me, and I get stomach pains when I eat it. Sometimes cauliflower and broccoli make me bloated. Also, my body is still getting used to eating sprouts (lentils), but I find mung bean sprouts are really bad for me.…
  • thanks everyone! They seem to have subsided in the past week. The ironic thing is that I started eating more bananas but was still getting them. I cut out grains recently, so that could have been it - anyhow, thank you for your help!
  • thanks - I printed off the book/ 56 pages!!
  • I have started using a veggie wash on apples and other heavily pesticide laden foods. it's really gross how much carnuba wax and pesticides come off of the non-organic apples. It's like a white run off and I have to soak the apples for about 20 minu…
  • sounds very interesting, I would be nervous I wouldn't get enough variety/minerals/vitamins. But, I could definitely go fruitarian in terms of my love for fruit - I could eat so much each day! I have to stop myself from eating too much fruit, as I w…
  • I struggle with this too on a raw diet. I'm so used to being consumed with worry about calories, that sometimes I find myself restricting dates, nuts, seeds and/or other high calorie raw foods. It's hard to let go of old habits for sure.
  • very interesting aviatrix, but for me, I find I can't eat melons with anything, before during or after a meal. Any type of melon causes me so much stomach pain if I eat it with another food. I find for me, I have to follow the old "melon, eat it alo…
  • sounds great! I will try those ideas! Thanks.
  • for me, it has become leafy greens! red and green lettuce, spinach and kale. I find greens to be the best bc they are so versatile - for salads and smoothies. On a similar note, I can't have a morning without a green smoothie! Also, nuts and seeds a…
  • oh yes, the Boutenko's are great! I was inspired to start doing green smoothies after I saw Victoria and Sergei talking about them on some youtube videos. I really want to get Sergei and Valya's new book too!
  • the only Braggs that I've found where I am in Canada is called 'Braggs Liquid Soy Seasoing', but its not enhanced with any aminos. Is this the same product?
  • well, the best advice I can offer is make sure you stretch and warm up. I have run for years, but this past month pulled my IT band, which is a common runners injury but excruciatingly painful. It has been 5 weeks and it is only slightly better. I m…
  • the only thing I find with lemon juice, is that my tongue gets sore if I have to much. I know it sounds weird, but does this happen to anyone else?
  • also, lemon juice and water can help your body get 'back on track' by providing alkalizing properties. Do you sprout seeds etc? That can help with digesting them easier, as can soaking nuts before eating. I swear, food combining has eliminated 80% o…
  • I am exactly the same - I have diagnosed sensitivities to wheat, eggs, dairy, corn etc etc, but find that in conjunction with those, I cannot eat rye, spelt, or oats. I find even things like strawberries bother me. I did have some eating issues for …
  • Hi! I experience the same issues! Do you have any food sensitivities? Also, I find food combining helps with the stomach issues (somewhat). I feel for you, because I know how uncomfortable it is.
  • Green smoothie this morning: 1 c mango 1 c wild blueberries 2 c spinach 5 large leafs of kale 1 c water yum!
  • is that really true about raw cranberries? I was recently given some from a friend, so I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on eating them raw? esp. in smoothies?! I'm excited!
  • I have fallen in major rawvegan love with green smoothies this past month. My favorite combination is one mango, 1 cup blueberries and 3 handfuls of spinach, but I do variations (sometimes use papaya, pineapple etc), usually try to stick t two fruit…
  • I was just going to post a post about strawberries - every time I eat them my stomach gets really bloated and I have stomach pains for the rest of the day. It could have been something you ate but not realized that it has this effect on you?? Or, yo…
  • I agree, it tastes really good and I prefer using it as a sweetener to anything else. It's really light!
  • Hi, I also just purchased the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Elite and it is great. I've only used it a few times, but it's worked quite well and really gets the juice out, leaving great pulp for recipes. my only complaint is the time needed for clean up…