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  • Flexible spending accounts and IRAs are a great place to put money if your employer offers them. The money is not taxed, so your monthly paycheck stays about the same. However I don’t know whether you could put away enough to cover medical bills fro…
    in Health insurance Comment by LionMouse
  • Sick. The stench of their lies burns my nostrils. It smells even worse than the tv commercial which claimed that coal burning is a clean source of energy.
  • I enjoyed the tea processing article. It must have taken the Chinese a long time to figure all of that out. There is a funny myth about how the first tea plant came into existence: The Buddha of Infinite Compassion was meditating in his cave when he…
  • There are so many different ways of eating raw that the study’s conclusion must be too broad. It is possible for a raw diet to be nutritionally imbalanced, just as cooked-food diets can be imbalanced. I guess that only 2/3 of the participants ate a …
  • Olive oil works, except that it’s more difficult to rinse hair off the razor. Shaving with a gummed up razor can lead to more in-grown hair.
    in shaving Comment by LionMouse
  • Whatever cooked food you decide to eat, good food combining will help your body to eliminate it as soon as possible. If you’re going to eat salmon, have it with some green veggies, but not with starches. Proteins need about four hours to digest. If …
  • Peas, lettuce, and smaller root veggies would be good planting choices. Tomatoes and melons would be more challenging.
  • If you feel like taking a long nap after eating, then you probably ate too much. Digestion requires quite a bit of energy, so it’s good to give your body a break.
  • Cauliflower always makes me ill; it won’t go down my throat. When I tried it raw with a curry sauce my eyes watered and I gagged. Even the family rabbit hates it. He’ll push the offensive vegetable out of his dish and roll it into a corner where it …
  • Invest in some georgous pants that fit you perfectly at your present weight. Get a pair that you normally wouldn’t be able to afford. Take them to a tailor to ensure that the fit is perfect: not too tight, not too loose. You’ll look darned good, and…
  • Patchouli? Ha ha. You almost made me wet my pants Zooey Glass. But seriously, I’ve met meat eating, midwestern, octogenarians who love the stuff.
  • I started taking a tablespoon every day in my green shakes a few months ago and the difference is huge: more energy and more mental clarity. Maybe it’s the B12?
  • I’m with Ardesmond2. Green juice is key, any green juice: cilantro, parsley, kale, spinach, celery, etc. After a few drinks, your liver stops processing carbohydrates because it needs to work on the alcohol (which it regards as poison), so all of th…
    in drunken eating Comment by LionMouse
  • I went cold turkey and I was in the seventh circle of hell for about two weeks. Headaches. Grouchy. No energy. But things improved a lot after that. My skin finally cleared up completely, and I had a bigger energy buzz than I ever got from coffee. W…
  • It sounds like the demon caffeine. Any personality changes? When I was quitting coffee I was a paranoid wolverine for days.
  • Poor food combining could be the problem. I can’t find the thread where food combining is discussed, but this chart is helpful: http://www.thewolfeclinic.com/foodcombining.html I like complex meals, but they always make me bloat up. If I eat a date-…
  • 27
    in How old are you? Comment by LionMouse
  • I’m with humanimal. Bananas without spots taste a little sour. Brown, mushy bananas make the sweetest banana ice cream.
  • I love cilantro juice. Blend cilantro with 16oz water and then strain through a nut milk bag. You’ll run around for the rest of the day higher than a Georgia pine tree.
  • Nutmilk that had some bad nuts in it. It tasted like compost. Since then I can’t even bear the taste of good nut milk.
  • I can’t wait to hear how that works out.
  • It’s fine to leave the beast on. The worst that can happen is that your food will overdehydrate. I never had the patience to dehydrate something for over 24 hours. The onion bread smells so wonderful that it’s easy to break off large chunks and eat …
  • One of my friends just came back from Mexico. She has photographs of herself drinking coconut water from young coconuts that came straight off the tree. There were papayas and avocados that also came straight off the tree. My friend is not raw, but …
  • You’re lucky; Seattle is marvelous. Produce is not really cheap at Pike Place, so I always avoid it. There’s a farmer’s market in Magnolia that’s supposed to be good. Don’t know what the discount is called. My favorite Asian grocery stores are actua…
  • Enjoy it all while you can still tolerate it.
    in Fruits and Nuts Comment by LionMouse
  • Moth is right about the green juice. You get wired, absolutely wired. Are you a coffee drinker Eggstar? Maybe you still have some caffeine in your system and you are more sensitive to its effect?
    in Raw high Comment by LionMouse
  • Hi! My family lived in Wurzburg for about five years when my father was in the military. It’s such a beautiful country, and the food there is tasty. Are you guys still worried about the mad cow disease over there? The American Red Cross will not al…
  • Yes, yes. I was scarfing raw brownies every day until I started eating large amounts of greens.
  • Skipping breakfast is probably fine as long as a person does not overeat later in the day. A New York Times article reported that skipping a meal and then overeating in the evening can result in metabolic changes that lead to diabetes. However, the …
  • It almost sounds like poetry. The word ‘olives’ looks interesting near the word ‘ovaries.’