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  • i know this is probably a common lettuce you can find in your grocery store, but i had "butter lettuce" the other day, mmm... and its amazing.
  • i take off. hahaha.. when ever i start to have a moment or thought filled with some kind of negative energy, I turn myself off and just go. * camera, sweater, pen&paper, book, xtra socks = essentials * most of the time, I end up on some hills,…
  • eh, whatever it may be, I wouldn’t concentrate on all the disorder-lee labelings, Instead, since you are aware of the sensations that you’re experiencing why not research on certain foods or herbs (gotu kola) that help those swingful moods that seem…
  • I agree with JGfergus.. fruits and veggies have all the sodium that you need. When I need a salty treat, I like to munch on celery.. maybe for your salads, you can substitute grinded celery seed. You can also make your own salt seasoning with sesam…
  • maybe because I live in LA, its slightly easier.. * but I order a lot fruit salads, and if they have a side of fruit, I try to supersize it with an extra charge. I also get some tea on the side.
  • personally, i believe that a water fast is unhealthy. when you fast you’re metabolism already slows down, and because there is a lack of energy involved in a water fast, you’re losing a lot of muscle mass. Most likely, you’ll also gain everything ba…
  • i take about a dime-size of bee pollen a day and have been drinking about three cups of horse tail tea which gives me A LOT OF ENERGY. at least I think that’s whats giving me the energy, it could be the high intake of fruit I eat as well.
    in Low energy Comment by meloe
  • wwoooowwwww.. thanks! im definitely going to pass the word.
  • I notice sprouts seem to fill me up.. *eat as much fruit as you want! don’t worry about too much fruit.. half a cantelope seems to really feel me up. *definitely combine foods, its essential to getting all your amino acids going at the same time.
  • me too! I woud like to know you’re three ingredient brownie recipe. *I’m glad someone posted up about thanksgiving, this year ill be spending the partial day with my italian side and you know how food and italians go, especially on thanksgiving. the…
    in A RAW Thanksgiving Comment by meloe
  • hey kait.. im interested in knowing, if you don’t really eat too many nuts, seeds, and superfoods, what are the foods that make up your main diet? -and what are your main sources for getting your complete proteins. im new to raw, and today started t…
    in Which is best? Comment by meloe
  • have you had kombucha before? I know they taste very different … but I noticed when I started drinking kombucha, I lost the flav for wine.
    in wine intolerance? Comment by meloe
  • hehehehe.. =)
  • mmm comfrey, gonna have to check that out. sweet! also, emu oil is great too..
  • mmm.. im sorry.. feeling sick is the worst.. all i can say is really pamper yourself, take an oatmeal bath..maybe get a massage.. lemon really helps clean out the system, drink a lot of lemon and ginger tea.. you can add some honey too. anything to …
  • here’s a tea remedy.. i still make hot tea, but im sure you can make it cold too. 1 oz. horsetail green parts 1 oz. plantain leaves 1/2 oz. linden flowers 1/4 oz. thyme leaves 1/4 oz. fennel seed mix together all herbs, and make like a tea.. you can…
  • also instead of buying burts bees.. you can just slather on a huge amount of honey and gauze it up.. will do wonders!
    in Split Skin Comment by meloe
  • i would eat a lot of high in -silicon foods.. they produce collagen… brew some horsetail for 15 min.. really high in silicon.. also, when i shower i use coffee grounds as an exfoliator, a really good moisturizer for the skin.. and you can just rinse…
    in Split Skin Comment by meloe
  • i cut back on coffee, but I just love it. I love everything about it, the taste, the texture, the aroma…. I could eat the beans straight up, but I can’t stand decaf.. i figure, eh what the hell, one a day.. why not
  • “to love and let go can be the same thing, they both do not seek to possess”
  • I have been in your place and can understand where you’re coming from. * First thing first, in your specific case I would not reccommend fasting. An absolute no.. its a temporary fix that will not solve the compulsive binging and purging problem. Th…
  • I will say that I am not completely raw, I do still steam food and have hot oatmeal sometimes in the morning. All of my life I have battled with eating disorders. Anorexia and then bulimia and then both. I never really ate bad things, I have always …
  • Juice up some rhubarb stalks and brush it or get a cotton ball and rub it on your teeth. Rhubarb does not contain too much phosphorus and is high in calcium and potassium. This helps coat the enamel.. Also when you drink anything that’s high in acid…
  • For simple supplies, like a juicer, blender, etc.. I would check out www.craigslist.org, type in your living area and go under “for sale” .. a lot of times people are selling these things for really cheap or even giving these away for free!! also im…
    in broke and going raw? Comment by meloe
  • grapefruit seeds are great for the skin… I blend and make a pulpee mixture and smother it all over my skin… then wash off while exfoliating with a loofah!
    in zinc + melon seeds Comment by meloe
  • Could I just get algae, dry it, and grind it up into powder?
  • oooooo.. im very much excited! I live in the Los Angeles area and will definitely keep you both in mind!
    in Hello from la! Comment by meloe
  • Every protein is made up of amino acids- smaller molecules making up a protein. Molecules carry out nutrients. We do not really need to eat the proteins. but rather the amino acids. Science-wise, visualize, eating only one amino acid and not includi…
  • you know im not too big on dates too.. but prunes mmm.. mm.. delicious..
  • check out the raw sprouted bread “earth seed” or “manna” they are very moist and are usually found in the refrigerator section of the health store.. i had the earth seed bread with sprouted rye, carrots, and raisins.. its so delicious! after trying …