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  • Thanks, kundalalita and Dain5000 :)
    in Food For Thought Comment by One
  • Thankyou, Bluedolfin, for starting this thread!
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  • Hey Siren223, yes nuts are so good for you but they do have a high calorie content. When i went on hikes we ate pretty much nothing but nuts for energy. I eat about a handful a day – a handful of almonds gives you roughly your daily calcium needs. I…
    in Another newbie Comment by One
  • Hey Joyee, i recommend that you read a book called Raw Living by Kate Wood. It explains alot about food and has lots of great recipes. Hopefully you can get the book where you live, and if you can’t then you should try and find some other raw books.…
  • Dave, i usually have a long hot bath or read a book to take my mind off whatever’s bothering me. I think it’s definitely good to find other ways of emotional support other than food! There’s nothing like talking to someone about problems, i am ever …
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  • Hey Mopoke, thankyou so much what a lovely person you are! I’m grateful for your information and i’ll definitely look into it. Thankyou :)
  • I know i have no place in this forum topic, but i came across it and would like to say that you can be beautiful no matter what age you are. It only matters how you feel. My mum’s ageing more from her cancer treatments and she worries about it (need…
  • Hey, Dave, what a lovely introduction. I wish you the best of luck :)
    in Thanks for having me! Comment by One
  • Thankyou Janana :) I just visited your blog, very cool, keep up the good work!
    in Raw Reading Comment by One
  • Hey, you sure about enemas? Your tissue was never designed for things to go up there but for things to go down… infact overuse of enemas can impair the natural muscle actions of the bowl. You’re better off drinking alot of water and eating raw, your…
    in raw food enemas? Comment by One
  • Alot of ice in the smoothies gives it a good consistency, especially with something like mango or banana. Tastes like Boost Juice sometimes! Baby spinach is great to add, and ‘additives’ like lime juice or part of a vanilla bean.
  • Hey, 1rawgirl. I love the idea on your blog about eating food wrapped in a lettuce leaf like a burrito!
  • Citrusgirl, i have had similar experiences. Mum supports my choice but dad is always skeptical, whatever i eat. He thinks me preparing a salad is me going on a fad diet and that i’m doing it just to lose weight or something. Parents are pretty watch…
    in parents are a reck Comment by One
  • Canberra, Australia
  • Queenfluff – It’s the copper in the water that turns your hair green :)
  • I agree that if you can survive the oily stage it’s really worth it long-term. For those of you who swim often and your blonde hair turns green, just massage some tomato paste into it, leave for about 20 minutes and rinse. Your hair will be back to …