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  • hmm..... has anyone actually looked at the Codex website? I couldn't find anything on this subject there. In fact, all I saw was some stuff regarding reducing toxic residues like pesticide on fruits and vegetables, and then I saw rules regarding imp…
    in Codex Comment by chicory
  • hehe! I've had that look when I buy cucumbers. Usually it's from the hubby though, always poking fun :). Usually the cashier comments on how healthy I must eat. Either that, or damn! at how expensive so few veggies are.
  • Bringing a dish to share is a great idea~ mmm fruit salad! everyone loves that! hehe… at my family thanksgiving at grandma’s there is usually about 20 people or so, and I only see most of them (cousins and uncles etc.)twice a year. Most of them only…
  • I can almost always taste undertones of coconut, no matter how little of the oil I add… but I like it! There is no rule that says you have to eat coconut oil~ there are plenty of other healthy fats you could eat instead no need to suffer ;)
  • smoothies keep me full also, depending what I bulk them up with. Juicing makes me hungry!!! also, blender is much easier to clean.. less disassembly
  • I actually almost never use my juicer anymore…. I just end up throwing the pulp away because I don’t like making complex recipes in the dehydrator.. so I only do smoothies now. No waste and you get all the fiber too
  • msg is one form of a freed glutamic acid molecule. citric acid is rarely made from citrus anymore, it is produced by fermentation of crude sugars. When “citric acid” is produced from corn, manufacturers do not take the time or undertake the expense …
  • lushpapaya…. check out this link on MSG… http://www.truthinlabeling.org/hiddensources.html msg is a freed glutamic acid. I also tried using ACV, but after a week I started get tiny non inflammatory pimples all over my face
  • hmm… thanks for the suggestions, but the osea stuff has citric acid (msg), and the dr hauschka stuff has fragrance and lecithin (soy) this is why it’s so tough to find something! even the “good” pricey stuff won’t work for me.
  • hehe… honey does taste good.. and is almost pure fructose and glucose, which is why it kicks your sugar cravings lol! I don’t think it’s a good idea to eat it all day, as it has no fiber and spikes blood sugar.
    in Raw Honey Comment by chicory
  • i don’t tell anyone anything. No one ever talks to me about their diet, or has ever shown any interest, no do i particularly care how others eat. It might come up If I am out at a restaurant, or having lunch or dinner with a friend at their house…. …
  • I find that if I wash certain items with my veggie wash, that the veggies go bad quicker. not sure why~.......truthfully though, I just buy my tender greens, like cilantro, spinach, and baby lettuce, every 3 days or so. I just stop at the store on m…
  • I just heard on NPR radio a couple days ago, that women who drink coffee every day have gradual shrinkage in their breasts!
  • hmm…. the only time I ever heard about this, was the first the first time I ever bought virgin coconut oil. The lady behind the counter said she couldn’t eat it because she had type O positive blood… I was thoroughly confused lol!
    in blood type diet Comment by chicory
  • interesting….. i notice that when I throw bananas in my green smoothies I need a nap about an hour later… get that zombie feeling. It feels like a sugar rush, then a crash
  • how much of the onion bread are you eating in a day? I love it, but notice if i eat too much it has a laxative effect.
  • oh, I forgot, I don’t usually call ahead to chain restaurants, etc. If the place is nice enough that you need a reservation, they are more likely to accommodate your request :). I usually don’t even bother to ask at a chain restaurant though… a lot …
  • I rarely go to restaurants…althoug if someone wants to go out, I usually eat before, then just get a perrier, but it has to do more with food allergies/ intolerances, not being raw. Saying you have allergies can sometimes backfire though… once I was…
  • I’ve been wondering about the just tomatoes, peas, etc. I always eye them up, but wondered about the taste. do you snack on them dry, or rehydrate them?
    in Freeze-Dried Foods Comment by chicory
  • If the honey was harvested too soon, before it was fully cured (all the excess water evaporated) then the honey can spoil. It should not have a bad odor~ I would not eat it!
  • I like dry brushing, it helps wake me up a bit :).... i originally started doing it to help circulation in my legs, but I always forget to do it, so don’t know how effective it has been to me lol
  • cool! my sister is going….she still has quite a bit of money to raise though
  • I know what you mean! I just can’t mentally picture myself sitting down with 10 apples or 5 bananas in front of me and just downing them… but really that’s what I do when I make smoothies lol! I usually put in 2 bananas, pineapple, mango, or big pil…
  • i can never find anything at trader joes….. the one that is nearest to me has minimal produce, and then there are nuts and dried fruits, but I don’t think those are raw. When I was SAD I couldn’t even eat their canned veggies or beans cause their wa…
    in Which is best? Comment by chicory
  • I found that I loove kombucha! It has sort of a tart wine flavor and the carbonation makes it extra special. Joyce, where do you find sulfite free wine? I was told there is no such thing, only low sulfite which is common in young wines. Anyway, no m…
    in wine intolerance? Comment by chicory
  • I believe Ceasarea is right :). I have picked lettuce from my mom’s garden, and found dead buggies in the middle~ and we never used any pesticides, etc.
  • cool! I go there too
  • rawkid, I live in Maryland and I can get those too! I usually pick them up at David’s
  • okay, so I would love to know how you guys can fit so many bananas in at once lol! did you have to work up to the point where your stomach can stretch to fit them…. I tried eating just nanas for brekkie and I got to 2 and a half and after that it wa…
    in October 811 Comment by chicory
  • it tends to give me an msg reaction, but if you want to thicken something in an alternate way, you could use chia seeds….it will give a thick tapioca like texture to anything.I jsut add 1 part chia to 4 or 5 parts liquid. for a thinner texture, chia…
    in lecithin Comment by chicory