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  • really ripe and juicy and large mangoes bananas (i can never get sick of it.) ripe figs dipped in coconut oil and some sweetener durians (occasionally) juicy cucumbers with peels off dipped in some sweetener juicy ripe tomatoes dipped in coconut oil…
  • tabbycats_tofu - i've done those breast massage things... it's really painful, not enjoyable at all! i'd much rather prefer using rose essential oil for a calming breast massage. malchusmom - the estrogen in soy products (especially soy beans) is re…
  • how long have you been eating raw? could it be detox? maybe your body is asking you to fast.
    in Feeling Sick Comment by delaluna
  • miranimal - There is really no right or wrong answer to how much greens you need. Only your body knows. There are fruitarians who consume no greens, and thrive physically! And there are people who consume quarts after quarts of green smoothies or pi…
  • What does your body tell you?
  • lol ok :) I've also had an eating disorder, a major one! it took me years to make the transition in my mind that my weight doesn't control me. (and also, to love myself at any weight.) i really love eating food (any types) without having a fear of w…
    in Weight loss? Comment by delaluna
  • joannabanana - you gained weight (20lbs) on raw???
    in Weight loss? Comment by delaluna
  • thanks for the info about steaming! i will try that when the weather gets a bit colder... i used to be a really strict with 100% raw, but now i'm a bit gracious to myself, and taking it slow :) i do miss chickpeas~ Dancin Durian - i do make hummus w…
    in chickpeas! Comment by delaluna
  • you know what, i think i bought the wrong kind. i got the roasted one, maybe this is why the taste is so bitter? does yours look like this? (dark color) http://www.spiceworld.uk.com/images/carobpowdersw.jpg or this (light) http://www.fresh-network.c…
  • em - Does it taste sweet to you, or bitter? I'd send it to you, but I'm in China~ :)
  • missemy - carob itself, what does it taste like to you? Does it taste like roasted coffee? The powder that I bought has a really strong coffee scent. Is this how it supposed to be? (The scent grosses me out.)
  • Nutritional Yeast flakes do not contain B12. Just B-complex vitamins.
  • you can make a delicious japanese salad with kombu (sliced julienne), cucumbers (peeled, julienne), little bit of carrot, onion, garlic, toss in some soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, agave, some sesame seeds. Let it marinate for couple hours to soak …
  • I want to get a juicer too. But is green smoothies better or green juices?
    in Favorite juices Comment by delaluna
  • There are organic places that do home delivery, but it's expensive! I still haven't figured out the best way for me to get greens. So far I've been buying it at the local market that are eco-green. What about fruits? Do you eat all organic fruits? F…
    in Anyone in Korea? Comment by delaluna
  • happy2swim - I'm Chinese, but from US as well. Are there many organic products in Korea? Is it hard to be raw in Korea? I know that they eat very spicy food!
    in Anyone in Korea? Comment by delaluna
  • Hi, I'm not in Korea, but close. Shanghai. Are you Korean?
    in Anyone in Korea? Comment by delaluna
  • "The downside... sometimes I just want to eat a trail mix I made with raw fruits and seeds." I hear you sister~ Lately I've been eating very clean... since I eat a lot of sweet fruits, I find myself staying away from nuts. Just to please my digestio…
    in Digestion Comment by delaluna
  • camiheartsraw - No offense, as far as I know, sulfur free. Rawaholic - Thanks. You have confirmed what my heart has been telling me too. It's really ironic though. I feel like I have a baby's digestion now. Babies cannot tolerate most "adult - SAD" …
    in Digestion Comment by delaluna
  • hey folks, i need your help! i just got my dehydrator - i tried dehydrating bananas and cherry tomatoes - but they didn't turn out so well. I dehydrated them at 115 for 15hrs, but still not dry??? The cherry tomatoes (i cut in half) still had lots o…
    in dehydrator Comment by delaluna
  • I used to buy those roasted sesame tahini's, and it tasted so gooood~ but now the raw version is quite bland, especially when I try to make the black sesame tahini. I'm thinking if I sprout it, then dehydrate it, maybe it will give me a similar arom…
    in dehydrator Comment by delaluna
  • From your experiences, if you dehydrate soaked nuts overnight... does the nuts have a mild aroma similar to roasted nuts? Or, does it still taste like raw dried nuts?
    in dehydrator Comment by delaluna
  • How do some folks warm up dishes like soups or liquid stuff in the dehydrator? Can I just take out the trays and use it microwave-safe bowl or plate?
    in dehydrator Comment by delaluna
  • thanks sv3! I finally got one~ Kale chips, yum~
    in dehydrator Comment by delaluna
  • appifanie, what kind of things did you dehydrate that you didnt like?
    in dehydrator Comment by delaluna
  • calcium - try sesame seeds. i'm also on the look out for good zinc and iron sources.
  • Ah thank you so much! This really helps! Why am I so afraid of fat? I guess because I'm very impressionable, and when going raw a year ago, I read and listened to the gurus and experts. They have somewhat brainwashed my mind thinking too much fat is…
    in avocados Comment by delaluna
  • hi lulu, are you sure its iron? how do you know?
  • I do drool but I don't think this was the cause of it. Thanks though!