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  • Hi Aviatrix...first of all I have to say - I LOVE your posts! Don't let anyone chase you off here... ; ) Your advice on these forums has been solid and most of all non-judgemental! I just wanted you to know that it is much appreciated! If you are ev…
    in dark circles Comment by emmasgoneraw
  • Thank you so much for all of your comments! There are many farmers markets where I live (in the summer time) and I think I may ask one of them for advice. I recently found a huge organic farm that offers lectures on how to grow your own organic lett…
  • Oh and Glamazon, I am going to have to watch Earthlings now....it sounds very eye opening... thanks for the recomendation!
  • Hey everyone, so I did watch it and I am glad that I did! If you ever needed inspiration to stay on the RAW track...then this documentary would help! It sort of confirmed what I already knew was best for me (health wise). I found it interesting, and…
  • "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" is also a great read if you are feeling spiritual/meditative. It really inspired me!
  • Rawk, Just to clarify, I was actually responding to her previous post (reply #110 on this thread) and when I was finished typing and posted my comment, it came after the comments about not giving a shit
  • Thanks Aviatrix.....I really appreciate that! You'll be hearing from me soon.. :) Like you, I am still eating fish from time to time ...and doubt that I will ever stop eating it. ..I am endeavouring on this "raw journey" for health reasons (nothing …
  • I'll second what Pixx said Aviatrix...I posted something in another topic (about iron and dark circles under the eyes) and I'll say it again. I for one, am thankful for your insightful posts. Your advice has always been well thought out, and most of…
  • I am also transitioning and the biggest problem for me (which I think is connected to the feeling you are speaking about) is that after I eat a wonderful delicious raw meal, I don't feel tired....I feel like I should be doing something. On a cooked …
  • Hi Blueyz, I haven't used it or heard of it but would love to hear opinions from others regarding water filters in general. I love Sarma Melngailis and she uses the "Tensui" water system - but I think those are thousands of dollars to install....how…
    in Water filters Comment by emmasgoneraw
  • Interesting feedback on her restaurant. I have been following her blog too and have been dying to eat there! There are two raw restaurants in Toronto, but both are very much catered to the "granola" vibe (which definitely describes me to a certain e…
  • Toronto, Ontario Canada