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  • We hired a guy at work and he dabbles in raw food!!! I was so excited. Both of us are not 100 % but it is nice to have someone to talk to for motivation.
  • Hi Michelle Robin, I jut wanted to say that this has happened to me as well. I can drink greenshakes galore and if I get too experimental and make a gross shake, I lose my taste for them for a short period of time. My suggestion would be to eat the …
  • Hi ras-saadon, I ued to get a lot of caughs like that when I was younger, but I found that using raw apple cider vinager as an inhalent steam helps!!!!! I also use eucalyptus essential oil on my chest especially around bed time. I don't know why, bu…
    in Lung Cleaning Comment by mlwgirl
  • I agree with autumnides I am not 100% raw, but 3/4 of my day I eat raw with usually a cooked dinner, but I have an active job and so I make veggie sandwiches on sprouted wheat or other grains sometimes. It kicks-a__ and I have yet to feel badly afte…
    in Bread, Should I? Comment by mlwgirl
  • I get teased a lot at work, but Im good at laughing it off!!!! I would just ignore it and know that your life quality is better because of the things that you do. Also know that things are changing people are becoming more open minded about health a…
    in I'm about to cry Comment by mlwgirl
  • I love jumping, it makes me smile, how can a person jump and not smile. Plus It makes you go to the bathroom right away!!!!!!!! It is a great way to clear your mind and your system fast. You will love it.
    in Rebounding! Comment by mlwgirl
  • I was more mentioning it because its in the area and my uncle is a good guy. I live in Milwaukee so I will only be with your group in spirit so have fun.
  • My uncle has a raw food store and restaurant in Landsdale PA a suburb of Philly called Arnold's way you should google it and visit.
  • I know that veganaise tastes soooo good, but I have actually started using Hummus as my sandwich spread. It is yummy!
  • ras-saadon, I read a lot of really good headache remedies on www.earthclinic.com Its a great site, my favorite involves cayenne pepper. Snort a tiny bit, and my headaches were gone in 30 seconds. It burnes a little, but it is worth it if you can han…
    in Head Aches Comment by mlwgirl
  • I love Jicama, I put lemon olive oil and garlic and let them set for a while yum!
  • I am dating a meat eater, but she is extremely openminded and respectful, between the 2 of us we get what we want from our meals together and so I feel Lucky, my girlfriend has even eaten whole raw meals with me and vegan meals. I think since we beg…
  • I agree!! Unless early man only lived in the tropics. Something had to be done for food during the long winters. I don't try and get to historical with this raw food stuff. I believe that people make their own choices in food. We all know how horrib…
  • I have always had bad PMS and when I began eating more raw I have gotten soooooooo much better!!!! Adding flax seed every day really helped me to. I eat about 3 tablespoons ground per day in pure cranberry juice I swear by this combo for women with …
    in AWWW!!! FEMALES Comment by mlwgirl
  • I'm a tap drinker!!!!!! Milwaukee has good water and it fits my budget. I am considerring a filter for my sink just in case a recipe states filtered water only.
  • Hello there!!! I'm glad you are enjoying the site too, I just became a member here and I love reading the forums. I'm in Milwaukee as well. I peeked at your site and it looks great, We'll for sure stop there when we go up north! Hello to you Queenfl…
  • Trust me I don't go anymore!!! I used to go to the dinners because its a free meal and drinks, but now I don't eat that way and I don't drink and even though sometimes a free meal sounds good (when you make meager wages) I try and stand by what I be…
  • I am not a nurse, but I work closely with a lot of mental health patients in the field of Soc work. It is so dificult to see people being over medicated!!!! I always mention to my clients that eating properly can help them improve. It breaks my hear…
  • Thanks so much for all the info!!!
  • Thanks for the response I'm going to check out your web site for your bussiness!! I don't even think about cheese any more; )
  • walnuts are good mixed with a little garlic, olive oil and nutritional yeast (to give it a cheesy flaver) mabe a little raw acv for balance. I love walnuts! I do not have any specific recipes, but I have used those ingredients together over salad.
    in Walnut Dressing Comment by mlwgirl
  • it is kind of funny the looks you get at the grocery store when you buy all produce. People just can not grasp the idea!!!! : )
  • interresting, I've been prone to sprains in the past myself. I love aloe, but I have never tried it in the healing of a sprain.
    in Diet for sprains Comment by mlwgirl
  • I'll never give up tea...that is one reason I'll never be 100% raw, I recently began drinking Kombucha and I absolutely love it. I still feel amazing with the added raw diet that I do have and I truly believe that what you choose to do should always…
  • I have a couple of people at work who react to the food that I bring in, but most of my co workers are curious and I always let people try what I bring in if they want. I love to try and get people to eat better. We would have a much better world to…
    in Work reactions Comment by mlwgirl
  • I love to jump, I can barely go a day with out it. I am sometimes nervous that my neighbors will get annoyed with the noise, but they have not said anything as of yet. I use the urban rebounder. It has a satisfying bounce. I used to have a less expe…
  • Try adding a little cayenne pepper (spice in the buffalo sauce) to a salad or a savory smoothy. Good luck!!! I loved buffalo wings as well.
  • Id have to say that #'s 2 and 7 are closest to why I eat both raw and cooked food. I also believe that it is not good mentally to become too obsessive about anything and I see people who are die hard raw become obsessed and even a little judgmental …
  • I love Dr Bronners Lavender!!!!! I always dilute it!!! It lasts forever...well not forever, but long enough I don't feel like im spending a ton and you can use it for cleaning tooo!!!!
    in Dr. Bronners Comment by mlwgirl
  • This is so far my fav Forum!!!! I am only about 80% most of the time so when my $$$ is tight I do go for non organic fruits and veggies and sprouted breads and beans (MMMMMM Beans) A weakness of mine!! Thanks for all the great advice for us Po folk.