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  • Joshie—korean bbq (bulgogi) is the best! i also work in a kitchen with tons of cooked foods, so i hear you. btw, you don’t happen to have a nice kimchi recipe without fish sauce do you?
    in AH! BREAD! Comment by RawK
  • the baby will form on top at the surface. in my experience, the mother usually rose to the top sometime during fermentation and loosely attached itself to the baby to make a thicker scoby. as i said before, you can remove this top layer (baby) easil…
    in home brewed kombucha Comment by RawK
  • kminty3—are you sure the baby isn’t just attached to the mother? a lot of times they will just stay attached and grow a thicker mother, unless you actually go in and tear them apart. side note: i was explaining this to one of my meat eating coworker…
    in home brewed kombucha Comment by RawK
  • Roadrunner—25 to 30 a day? are these finger bananas or full sized? and are you eating anything else throughout the day? also, i take it you are a runner. id be curious to hear what a day of food looks like for you. i have been a runner for 4 years, …
  • hey lalala—i am getting my blendtec soon. i am wondering about thicker creations, ie nut butters and hummus. how does it hold up? do you need more liquid than you’d use in a food processor? does it have a much slower setting for such things? i guess…
  • Hey Misty—good for you, which marathon are you doing? I have heard that runners need more protein, but I am not sure how accurate that is. Protein aside, are you getting something to provide you with energy for your runs? I used to take gels every h…